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Two Rider Mount from Virtual Ticket BlizzCon 2017

Hi guys, How’s it going? So I bought the Virtual Ticket for BlizzCon this year. I never been to the actual physical one at all, but seeing this live virtually is an option for me and i think its great … Continue reading

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Blog Challenge: #2 How has WoW changed my life?

Hmm, Where do I start? I am just going to say that for more than 10 years of playing World of Warcraft and If I am going to be technical here. I am paying $14.99/month x 10 years +other merchandise, … Continue reading

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Why do I blog about World of Warcraft?

Hi guys, I know my topic today is a common one but I find it hard to explain to some players Why I blog about the game, maybe I actually need to post a blog about it to express my … Continue reading

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A Found Memento: Raising a King

Omghee! Yes! I just got this quest done today when King Anduin had to disguise himself outside Stormwind so he can see it for himself what his people had to say about him and where he stands as a King, … Continue reading

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