Thanksgiving Cheers!

PilgrimsbountyHi guys, sorry for my absence as of late. Been busy with work at the same time trying to catch up on just doing my Loremaster achievement in game (will share later my screen shots and some random shenanigans), I already finished most of the quests in Azeroth despite how Deathwing destroyed everything for me yes, I actually have to redo doing the quests just to get credit for finishing the areas, which mind you I already did since I started playing the game which it is really frustrating.

Anyway, I just thought to greet everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, this holiday is known to American culture, and a way to say thanks for what this year has done for us. So far, My Life been a roller coaster for me this year but despite that I have my friends online and family for being supportive as always and I am thankful for that. If you want to share someone you would like to thank for, Please share your thoughts and comment below! I usually host an event every year for this with Blog Azeroth before but I will try to do it again next year, and hopefully you guys will join.

This is just a quick post to thank my readers, my co-bloggers in World of Warcraft community as always keep blogging and keep gaming, If you also want some good Black Friday deals this weekend click here. Thanks for making me do blogging easier here because we do learn from each other. Also, if you are in game and want to do the Pilgrim’s Bounty event click here for guide by WoWhead. Please be safe this weekend y’all. I love you. Happy Turkey Day, Gobble gobble! ❤

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