The Blue Luminous Mount!


As Blue as the sky, This Hearthsteed mount just glows! So Magical!

Well, I know it’s been two to three weeks now since the Hearthsteed mount promo for card gamers out there to get a chance of winning a cool mount. Winning 3 games is easy right? But in my case not that simple, I had been really trying to win this thing (I guess I must be really suck at this game), As I keep trying and trying.. Sadly, nothing I failed and defeated. It actually got to the point of surrendering, I totally give up for two weeks and I never played it.

Hearthstone_Screenshot_3.18.2014.19.54.43But yesterday finally I decided to try it again, I was playing with my friend from Magtheridon server. He and I decided to really win this time. I was still hesitant to even try it and play this game But like everyone said “Try and Try until you succeed”, “Don’t give up!”, My only character available was Miss Jaina Proudmoure, a Mage. I played in a casual mode, and normal set of decks. I had tried to do customized decks but I always failed (Note to self, better choose a good cards, silly me!).

Anyway, Game started! I got 4 tries but still I failed, damn it! I played again and finally! 1st win for crying out loud.. Now I was getting excited of course. 2 more game and I will get that mount for sure. It’s funny because I was whispering my friend while playing luckily he won 3 games already and got the mount,

Hearthstone_Screenshot_3.18.2014.19.54.32I was jealous! So that just pumped up my energy more that I can do this! I was also chatting with Miss Matty yesterday, gave me some good luck speech and crosses fingers for me. Thank you! and It did work Miss Matty. I won the 2nd game! Omg!!! this time I was more excited! haha!

So it’s getting intense, First try to win the 3rd win I failed,  second try for 3rd win, FINALLY I GOT THE MOUNT! Wohoo! I was so happy you don’t even know! haha! I immediately jumped to World of Warcraft and brag about it and I even broadcast it to my friends and guild. I was so happy! Finally! all these weeks of trying. paid off!

Anyway, For those who are still trying to acquire the mount! Please be confident that you will win it! I didn’t have that at first, I was so sad and frustrated, But i didnt quit entirely, I guess i just needed that push to try it again, and So i did! and what a great feeling and accomplishment to win something that you put effort to. In the end of the day! Sure it was really fun! Good Luck to everyone! and Happy gaming as always!

Quintessential Quintet!


Hi guys, I just thought to share this cool achievement “Quintessential Quintet” that I never thought I would acquired. I know it has been 8 yrs now since I started playing World of Warcraft and I know I’m proud of my accomplishments in-game. except there was some achievements lost during Cataclysm expansion but none the less, I am happy and I had so much fun playing all my characters in-game.

So for no further ado, Let me introduce all my 5 Level 90 characters that I currently have. I know in the future including my level 35 shaman who I will be added to my bucket list of things to do. As I also want to share not only about my priest but my 4 other great characters as well. With each character featured I will be sharing a little story/memorable moments to highlight them. Click on photos to view them larger. 

2014-03-18-11-01-10Amerpriest – She is my main character in-game, Previous name was “Amerence” She has done most of the raids from old content to end game (but still working on pandaria) but looking forward to do flexible raids when I will acquire more gear upgrades as I play along. Happy to be part of new guild “Band of Pirates”.

She is Holy spec, and I am still working on having to do shadow off spec on her soon. My priest been through a lot of challenges, from becoming a full-time raider to casual raider vice versa. There were ups and downs, I was also able to managed and become a Guild Master once on my own guild   back in Burning crusade in Khaz Modan server where i originally was from. And was previously been to PvP server Magtheridon, and presently now Im back to Staghelm, PvE server. My current Item level right now is 502, still working on her though.

Her professions are Level 600 Enchanting and Level 600 Tailoring, though it’s also a pain to gain reputation to acquire patterns but I will try my best to get them because I can definitely benefit from it not only her, but to my other characters as well. I am looking forward to new upcoming expansion World of Draenor and soon we will all be Level 100.

There’s so much to learn how to play my priest, but I am open to learn new skills, optimize my stats, be resourceful, be helpful, be more reliable and flexible player to my self, my other characters and my current guild. and of course to my readers of my blog where I usually share my random thoughts of my characters in-game.

2014-03-18-10-59-58Amerr – She is my second Level 90 character, a sneaky rogue as I call her.I remember leveling her while back in BC days, She is fast, still a very good damage player out there. I like the style of an assassins like per say of this character.

Her professions are Level 600 Elixir Alchemist and Level 600 Herbalist. I love to benefit making pots and potion for my other characters too, but in World of Warcraft economy I don’t think the potions will earn you gold much these days. Herbs would still be sellable though.

Anyway, So much fun to play this character, the best thing I have on this toon vs other characters is the Stealth! Looking forward to play her more as well. Current Item level right now is only Item Level 486 working on it!

2014-03-18-11-00-24 (1)AmerMage – This character is my 3rd Level 90, previous name was “Arrietty” She is a Frost mage, not only that she has a buddy to quest and level with her the “Water elemental” all the time. They are best of friends. They fight together. the bonds with each other are strong.

Mage are powerful caster with magical spells so high it freezes you. though I admit there some disadvantages with this cute little gnome with little hands and short legs haha can’t just jump high enough like other players do. But despite how small this mage of mine is still powerful as she can be.

Did I mention how adorable she is? Anyway, Her professions are Level 613 Engineering, and Level 600 Mining. Her professions is so tough to level, with mats and ores to farm but does make a lot of money too. One of these days I will still need to get the chopper mount, sky golem and other cool stuff. Im still working on her gears as well, currently at Item level 487. Still learning more as I just recently been playing her as well but so far so good.

2014-03-18-11-00-48Amechan – My 4th Level 90 character, her previous name was Amertank, I am enjoying her as a Frost Death Knight right now, and off spec Blood tank. Though I have so much to learn as a tank as well. I just leveled her to 90 two days ago. Her professions are Level 610 Jewelcrafting, and Level 600 Mining. I still yet to do more dailies for her JC skills, but currently just been mining and getting few current pandaria recipes as well.

My Death Knight is a fun character too recently been playing her with a friend of mine from aussie, sydney his name is Alf/Deathcalling. We leveled together from 85-90 and now we are having fun at Timeless Isle, especially now that Im in PvE server so happy! lol you don’t even know. I am glad i decided to move all my toons now to PvE server as I previously posted on my blog the other day. So right now well see how far I go with this character, Her item gear level right now is 490.

2014-03-18-04-42-00AmerMonk – The 5th and final level 90, the new addition to the crew! She maybe a boost 90, and still working on her professions since i boosted her at level 1 so the professions was not covered. She is an Inscriptionist and Herbalist by professions. I will update more about this toon for sure. so far I choose to be a windwalker monk, I love the spells, the jab and high kicks, especially the whirlwind kick, This character is a fun one as well.

Pandaren class are very cuddly, they are cute as I always wanted it to be. Her gear item level is 492. Still working on that as I need to go back to Timeless Isle for her as well. I got a few pieces down but need more. Anyway, That raps up my whole introduction of my 5 level 90’s and definitely more to come as i play along. Just remember to have fun guys! this game is all about that. Thanks again for dropping by, and Happy gaming as always!

OLRG: Fun Night! “I need more wine!”


Wohoo! The other day, Sat March 15. The ladies i knew in our blogging community Ancient “ToTa of Tome of the Ancient Blog” and Mataoka “Matty of Sugar & Blood Blog” has always run some fun raids and dungeons every saturday for all those who don’t know yet. I know i asked ancient many times what time as I wasn’t sure what day either, just so happen since i had ancient in my friends list. I remember now that it was every saturday. Now, I added Matty’s battletag as well. Yay more bloggers in game!

Just some old ladies trying to have some fun that’s why this sentence “I need more wine” was so popular while we are in vent lol its so funny like we are all drunk hahaha. Anyway, First stop we went and try running Mogu’shan vaults! while clearing the trash we also learning the fight mechanics how to kill those stone lions, but “Team work” was the key and we did it! We are awesome!

Matty and I were the healers that night. After running Mogu’shan vaults successfully. We went to clear Blackwing Descent, I also got few achievements done it was really great! I thought we were done for the night but Matty, her guildie i think, Me and my friend Alf decided to go try kill first boss of Icecrown Citadel and so we did, we also finished the second boss.. I brought my mage this time. But when we try to kill the ship boss we failed! it sure was a long fight with only 4 of us. But it’s okay! still it was a fun run!

Overall my experience with these folks, made my day. I am for sure looking forward for next week. If you also want to add my battletag its Amergamer#1255 just let me know who you are so ill make a little sticky note in game. I like going back previous raid dungeons and have achievement runs like this never gets old. Guild is doing the same thing as well but its random days and some nights I’m not available to run with them. So every saturdays with OLRG team is awesome! =)

Thank you guys for having me this week. thanks Matty for having this event. And also, Ancient accent in vent so cute! hehehe…Yes, We also wished JD Kenada of Amateur Azerothian was with us, as Matty mentioned him for organizing events in Azeroth. I will also like to help out and anything for the community! Thank you.  As always Happy gaming everyone! =)