Allied Races Unlocked!


Hi guys, Just thought to share my achievements today and that I am happy to announce that my Shadow Priest is no longer Human, she was consumed by the Void! and race changed her to Void Elf now. After doing all the quest line for the allied races you will also acquire mounts for unlocking both of them. 

Void Elf is not much of difference as Blood Elf, their gestures and dance are same. Just the eyes are different and the customizable hair and face change. When you create an Allied race it starts at level 20. Here are some of my photos I took and also the mounts I acquired earlier.

To learn more about Void Elf please click here. To learn more about Lightforged Draenai click here. Anyway, I know the new expansion will be coming soon and having these unlocked now makes me happy. More world quests to deal with and raids just to upgrade gears now, Until next time guys! Happy gaming! =)


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One Response to Allied Races Unlocked!

  1. Alunaria says:

    Hey Amer 🙂 I understand! I really want a Void Elf too! I always wanted a Blood Elf but never warmed up to the Horde. Void Elf seems to be the way to go then 🙂

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