Two Rider Mount from Virtual Ticket BlizzCon 2017

Z7RUMC8JJ8JX1507331097646Hi guys, How’s it going? So I bought the Virtual Ticket for BlizzCon this year. I never been to the actual physical one at all, but seeing this live virtually is an option for me and i think its great too. But the real reason that i wanted to purchase it was to acquire the 2 player rider mount because i never had one and I could share this with my friend in game once i can fly in Broken Isle, she has the Sandstone drake and helps me around with her when we are doing World quests and I appreciate it. But since I don’t want to spend 60k gold for the drake in game, I decided to purchase the virtual ticket. 

WoWScrnShot_101217_205625I like it so far, the alliance flying mount is a small version of the battle ship and the horde one is an air balloon they are both cute. Though, I am undecided if I want to buy Goody Bag though, I know these are also just tempting and extra expenses for me. But I lost 2 years of gaming World of Warcraft and I think I deserve to treat myself a little. haha!

Did you guys purchase it? or thought about buying the ticket? or are you actually going to BlizzCon this year? Please share your thoughts and comment below, Anyway, I just want to make a short post about this because I can’t wait to fly around with my friend in game once I am able to. Happy gaming gamers! Please don’t forget to share, like and subscribe my social links located on my side bar of my blog. Have fun!


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8 Responses to Two Rider Mount from Virtual Ticket BlizzCon 2017

  1. Lord of Icecrown says:

    I don’t have it yet, but will purchase it soon.
    The fact that we can watch everything even when its not in live streaming, and replay all we want, is amazing. And those cool mounts are an awesome bonus 😀
    If I may complete your info about them, the alliance one is a tiny version of the airship Skybreaker, and the horde one is a smaller version of the airship Ogrim’s Hammer. Both of these can be seen in Icecrown or the Assault on the Broken Shore cinematic 🙂
    Having someone with flight on Broken Isles is incredibly helpful, specially to do World Quests. I got it myself just last week, and have only used it to fly around and explore, the happiness of the long wait and quest finally being over heheh

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  2. I did buy the Virtual Ticket! And it was to get the mount! I used in-game gold to buy the tokens, as for as WoW gold goes, I’m pretty rich.
    It is a very fun ride. Do you use the Ins and Del key to do flips while flying?

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    • AmerPriest says:

      Wah! whats the Ins and Del key to do the flips tell me because i dont know it yet how, and good for u for having much gold in game hehe im not or dont have much in game. Anyway, glad im not the only one who enjoyed the mounts.

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  3. Alunaria says:

    It looks so great. I adore the details on it, the compas and letter to Anduin from Varian. Aww…

    I haven’t bought it, I haven’t got time to watch Blizzcon, but I would love to, I’m very tempted to buy the ticket anyway.

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  4. This is the first year that I have purchased the virtual ticket and I love the mounts. I’m so excited to be able to watch Blizzcon from the comfort of my own home and not have to worry about all of the other expenses that come along when you attend. 😀

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    • AmerPriest says:

      I totally agree with you and its all about being comfortable and practical in a way we dont have to spend much on hotel rooms or fighting for seat out there.

      This is also my first year that i purchased the ticket for Blizzcon and its awesome that they thought about the players who cant go to the venue but at least still able to witness it at our home.

      I am looking forward whats more to come and whats in store for us during the event. Im sure the whole thing will be as much fun.

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