About This Blog


Hi guys, Welcome to AmerPriest Blog! I appreciate you stumbled upon my blog today. This blog will mainly focus on my in-game characters and will share my adventures, rants, screenshots, achievements, streams and many more.

My main character is a Priest and I have since pre-BC. So i stapled this blog for her as a reminder to myself that I can no longer change main haha!

Despite the fact that I did took a few breaks from the game and in the blogging scene. WoW has always have a special place in my heart that I cannot let go of.  I was once a moderator of one of a known community forum for World of Warcraft and it help me grow and be part of that and lucky enough to learn a lot from it.

Blog Azeroth Forums, though the site has been down since 2011, the members of the community didn’t stop blogging, it was a good source of platform for new and old bloggers to get acquainted with and joining the community events, shared topic ideas to keep the whole community active.

I love World of Warcraft and I will continue my adventures and share it with you, hope that I can inspire you in any way and I will try my best to entertain the hell out of you maybe?! I have a few characters in game that I will introduce to you later on as well. Again, Thank you so much for dropping by. Please do follow me here you can find all my social network links on my sidebar of my blog. Follow me on Twitter @amerencegamer. Happy gaming gamers!


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