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my level 90 toons

Hi guys, Welcome to AmerPriest Blog! This blog will mainly focus on my priest, and my alt characters in game. I titled my blog “AmerPriest” because she has been my main character for 8yrs of playing World of Warcraft now and I stapled this blog for her as my outlet for every adventures i did in game. This is a general blog about random thoughts, achievements, rants, etc.. So far I updated this blog since 2011, after i took a long break about a year ago from blogging and gaming.

But despite all that, I am still happy and Im back in action. Added to that with community events such as Blog azeroth shared topic ideas and My other blog over at Amerence Love WoW is also my source to that. So Hopefully you also visit the site and join the fun.

Other Obligations are that I am also a community moderator of Blog Azeroth Forums, please do visit us there as well, A member of ONE PIECE guild of Azuremyst realm which was merged with Staghelm server now. I am looking forward for the new expansion coming up World of Draenor. There’s so much to do and trying to catch up on everything. But ill make it! So far so good.

Anyway, To further introduce all my characters in game please just click here for updates on each of them. I really appreciate any feedback from you my readers, visitors. If anything you also like to suggest on what topics I can blog then by all means feel free to drop by and comment. I like people recognize my blog not only by what Im trying to share in topics but also as a person. I can be your friend 24/7 =) Always remember to smile, think positive and always have fun as this is a game after all.

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