Blog Challenge: #9 How do I explain my gaming to my non-gamer friends & family?

multiplayerHi guys, I am still trying to catch up on these challenges by Z and Cinder. For this topic today, How do I explain my gaming to my non-gamer friends and family? To be honest, I started playing games since childhood so it’s not a surprise to them especially that we had experience being exposed to arcade games already and remember the Tetris games and game boy. When PC games were introduced to me It wasn’t much of difference to explain to my family and friends that I consider myself a gamer.

My brother also plays games, my mom she doesn’t really care much about it as long as we finish homework, as a reminder “School first before gaming”. My Dad, on the other hand, he is a serious one much strict so he only plays Tetris haha but seriously though It wasn’t really hard to inform my family about gaming.

My Friends or most of my friends play games too so it wasn’t hard to let them know that I game either. Very few that I have non-gamer friends only those who I work with but they are fine, they sometimes mention oh! gaming we play Facebook games lol. Anyway, If I find a new non-gaming friend probably that’s one of the first topics will talk about so we can play someday together. If not, ill slowly introduce what I like to do sometimes on my own time and I am sure they will understand. Gaming is fun and it’s for all ages and from all walks of life.



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