It’s all about Mounts this week!

Screenshot_27Hi guys, you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting lately just trying to catch up on the game instead. But this week was all about Mounts that I acquire either unexpected or a reward mount. I am thankful because I can definitely use all of them. I will not post too much detail about the mounts though but I will post photos. 

I was pretty much soloing, queuing for LFR, and just also lucky I have friends from a different server that invites me to normal raids at times over the weekend which helps me upgrade my gears, I know it’s a struggle to get normal groups at raids as you are required to pull decent amount of DPS.

As a shadow priest, I am trying to improve my skills, gears and able to pull 700k-1m+ DPS so far. I know it can still be improved gear wise and stat wise. Anyway, my Item level is only 930 at the moment. Aside from doing all that, I am reputation grinding to get my Argussian Rep to exalted, already exalted with Army of Light for Allied races. Anyway, Here are some of the mounts I acquired this week. It was fun!


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1 Response to It’s all about Mounts this week!

  1. Alunaria says:

    Congrats 🙂 I can’t wait to get the fox myself!


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