High Priest’s Lightsworn Seeker Mount

611170Hi guys, In this order of Quest line for the class mount it starts at Grand Priest on Broken Shore after completing  Breaching the Tomb with a Priest which I did today out 15/15 chapters done. In this order you will start the quest for the class mount;

  1.  The Speaker Awaits – needed to go back to the order hall & get a follow up quest.
  2.  The Sunken Vault – to meet Brann Bronzebeard in Azsuna (near Illidari Stand)
    It will start as a scenario and to activate the console and kill the enemies who are attacking after around 3 min of role play and talk to Brann to return to Dalaran. Whenever there is a Brann in a scenario he is a very humorous dwarf he makes me laugh every time he does and do side jokes.

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Two Rider Mount from Virtual Ticket BlizzCon 2017

Z7RUMC8JJ8JX1507331097646Hi guys, How’s it going? So I bought the Virtual Ticket for BlizzCon this year. I never been to the actual physical one at all, but seeing this live virtually is an option for me and i think its great too. But the real reason that i wanted to purchase it was to acquire the 2 player rider mount because i never had one and I could share this with my friend in game once i can fly in Broken Isle, she has the Sandstone drake and helps me around with her when we are doing World quests and I appreciate it. But since I don’t want to spend 60k gold for the drake in game, I decided to purchase the virtual ticket.  Continue reading

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Blog Challenge: #3 Pick up groups (PuG)

IJN19FIVIA201338500599179So the 3rd challenge for Topic #3 is Pugging or as many known in MMORPG especially World of Warcraft it means Pick up group, or should i call it PARTY UP GUYS! I mean you do party up with players especially in a raiding group or party group. It consists of different roles as Primary functions i.e Leader, Tank, Healers and DPS. And secondary function as i.e crowd control, main assist, rezzer, scout, puller. Continue reading

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Blog Challenge: #2 How has WoW changed my life?

living-with-a-gamer-girl-and-a-hipster-girl_o_1844465Hmm, Where do I start? I am just going to say that for more than 10 years of playing World of Warcraft and If I am going to be technical here. I am paying $14.99/month x 10 years +other merchandise, game features mounts, pets, expansions and other expenses this game did to me. I am pretty sure I could have saved all that money spent for something else, maybe I could have gone back home and have a vacation. But don’t get me wrong, like any other players out there who had spent real money for the game. I believe that we didn’t regret it because we did love the game despite all the expenses.  Continue reading

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