Allied Races Unlocked!


Hi guys, Just thought to share my achievements today and that I am happy to announce that my Shadow Priest is no longer Human, she was consumed by the Void! and race changed her to Void Elf now. After doing all the quest line for the allied races you will also acquire mounts for unlocking both of them.  Continue reading

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It’s all about Mounts this week!

Screenshot_27Hi guys, you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting lately just trying to catch up on the game instead. But this week was all about Mounts that I acquire either unexpected or a reward mount. I am thankful because I can definitely use all of them. I will not post too much detail about the mounts though but I will post photos.  Continue reading

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Blog Challenge: #9 How do I explain my gaming to my non-gamer friends & family?

multiplayerHi guys, I am still trying to catch up on these challenges by Z and Cinder. For this topic today, How do I explain my gaming to my non-gamer friends and family? To be honest, I started playing games since childhood so it’s not a surprise to them especially that we had experience being exposed to arcade games already and remember the Tetris games and game boy. When PC games were introduced to me It wasn’t much of difference to explain to my family and friends that I consider myself a gamer. Continue reading

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Blog Challenge: #8 What class would I be if I can’t play my main anymore?

fdfab4663c4f01f84d32ddc1fcfc04a5--legion-launch-blood-elfHi guys, another day of Blog Challenge by Z and Cinder. As the title says What class would I be if I can’t play my main anymore? Well to answer to that question, simply my Demon Hunter she is now level 108 and 2 more levels to 110 I might also be finishing the level over this weekend for sure. I am loving the melee class as much as I did enjoy playing Rogue before.

Photo credits to: LadyZiel, My demon hunter exactly looks like her with white hair except I don’t have horns on mine.
Continue reading

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“Bring the Player, not the class”


Hi guys, this WoW phrase has brought a few discussions lately in the community especially during the Blizzard: Battle for Azeroth Q&A a few days ago. I stumbled upon an article that talks about this. The conversation leads when Josh Allen, brought up an old controversial WoW phrase: “take the player, not the class.” Hazzikostas answered regarding the tired phrase.  Continue reading

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