Beta Tester: Battle of Azeroth

Hey guys, I got invited to explore the new upcoming expansion of World of Warcraft, Thank you Blizzard for the invitation, I know I wasn’t able to log online for few months due to workload but I am going to explore it today. Just thought to post a quicky to also let you know that being a beta tester its not all about just exploring and trying what’s new out for the upcoming expansion but its a responsibility to make sure if there are any bugs, feedbacks that Blizzard needs to know so they can fix it you have to submit these errors, so that when its Live everything can run smoothly as possible.

Anyway, Everyone seems to be excited about the new expansion. Well, see you there! Thanks so much for still coming to visit my page despite my absence. Take care everyone and Happy Gaming as always!


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A PC Gamer, Blogger, Healthcare Provider, A Friend you can chat with about anything.
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2 Responses to Beta Tester: Battle of Azeroth

  1. Alunaria says:

    Happy gaming to you too, Amer šŸ™‚ If you make posts about the Beta, please remember spoiler tags, thank you!


    • AmerGamer says:

      probably wont be able to post anything about it but thanks for the reminder. It’s just because I’m busy with other games as well aside from playing WoW at this time. So my attention to WoW these days so undivided. lol

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