Blog Challenge: #8 What class would I be if I can’t play my main anymore?

fdfab4663c4f01f84d32ddc1fcfc04a5--legion-launch-blood-elfHi guys, another day of Blog Challenge by Z and Cinder. As the title says What class would I be if I can’t play my main anymore? Well to answer to that question, simply my Demon Hunter she is now level 108 and 2 more levels to 110 I might also be finishing the level over this weekend for sure. I am loving the melee class as much as I did enjoy playing Rogue before.

Photo credits to: LadyZiel, My demon hunter exactly looks like her with white hair except I don’t have horns on mine.

Though, this time I am on the horde side playing with my friends in Mug’thol server we battleground so many times that my leveling experience was awesome. Though I know I need to still do a few quests to open up certain areas i.e world quests later on and argus not to mention to level my professions as well. But overall, I enjoyed it as much as I also enjoy playing my Priest I main for all these years. I am thankful to my priest also because I can fly around with all of my Alt characters.

I am looking forward to what’s more to come especially on the upcoming new expansion, who know’s I may not only be playing my Demon hunter but other class as well. This is why we love World of Warcraft because we have the power to choose what class you want to play anytime. It is a matter of investing much time of the other characters for gear upgrades, professions, skills to master etc.

Anyway, I will leave this topic short. Thanks again for reading my topic challenge today. Till next time. Please follow my social links to get connected and updated. Love you all!


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