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Beta Tester: Battle of Azeroth

Hey guys, I got invited to explore the new upcoming expansion of World of Warcraft, Thank you Blizzard for the invitation, I know I wasn’t able to log online for few months due to workload but I am going to … Continue reading

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Allied Races Unlocked!

Hi guys, Just thought to share my achievements today and that I am happy to announce that my Shadow Priest is no longer Human, she was consumed by the Void! and race changed her to Void Elf now. After doing … Continue reading

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It’s all about Mounts this week!

Hi guys, you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting lately just trying to catch up on the game instead. But this week was all about Mounts that I acquire either unexpected or a reward mount. I am thankful … Continue reading

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Blog Challenge: #8 What class would I be if I can’t play my main anymore?

Hi guys, another day of Blog Challenge by Z and Cinder. As the title says What class would I be if I can’t play my main anymore? Well to answer to that question, simply my Demon Hunter she is now … Continue reading

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“Bring the Player, not the class”

Hi guys, this WoW phrase has brought a few discussions lately in the community especially during the Blizzard: Battle for Azeroth Q&A a few days ago. I stumbled upon an article that talks about this. The conversation leads when Josh … Continue reading

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