Guess What? My Priest is back in action!

Hi guys, I just thought to share that I’m so happy to be able to get back playing the game again. I know I mentioned so many times that I can’t download the game at all I have spoken to two Game Masters through live chat at support and helped me troubleshoot and all but still it was dead end. But I didn’t lose hope and that the other night finally I knew the error said its my internet connection error, and I thought if I already followed all the troubleshooting steps to get the client to be download why the internet connection error right?


So I called my internet provider Comcast/Xfinity to helped me changed some settings at the back end using the IP address site to get to it coz if the error is not the game client nor my pc system it said internet connection. Well what do you know I forgot my log in information so the representative told me to just reset the router/modem and hold it for 40 secs and finally, I was able to log in. game clients has ports for TCP settings to be adjust I did all that and finally the reason why there’s always an internet connection error because the set up for PORT TRIGGERING and PORT FORWARDING was disabled! and after I enabled both of them! Guess what!? I immediately test to download the app first and OMG! quickly it downloaded… so I download all my games and I was so happy to see all my characters again.

That feeling of frustration, days that you tried yourself of getting all the troubleshooting steps done and waiting for costumer representative for live chat to guide you was now worth the effort of being patient and happy that it was resolved! I know downloading game clients could be a pain sometimes when your internet settings are not enabled right I learned that. so now I’m happy that I was able to play the game again. So for my blogger friends, online friends if you want to run some dungeons/raids hook me up my Battletag is Amergame#1255 just add me and ill be happy to accept your request to be added.


I’m sure was so happy to see all my characters in game again, especially my priest! I need to catch up and get some gear upgrades, run some dungeons, grind some pandaria reputation, I know I’ve been so behind for a year now so much to do so please be update that I will be posting more content in this blog about my priest adventures i.e screenshots of the day, revisiting and exploring places, raids for that matter and just meeting and playing with new friends online. My guild is totally dead when I logged on the other day our previous guild master has been inactive for a while so it automatically dethrone and made me the Guild master now, but what do I do? still there still some members in it including my alt toons.

Anyway, right now its time for catching up! Thanks again for keeping up with me too. Looking forward to also play with my co bloggers here soon, just holler me and maybe we can plan a raid night or dungeon runs on our days off from work. All screenshots taken in game is courtesy of World of Warcraft. Please don’t forget to subscribe my feeds for recent updates, and message me @amerpriest in twitter and don’t forget to like my facebook page! I appreciate everything you do even just by dropping by, visiting, reading Thank you and God Bless always and I love you all!

Will my Priest like to revamp her face & body features?

0EHLVXB25UL61390012194276To answer the question of my title above, I would say Yes! My Priest is a human in game she has always been. I appreciate any changes Blizzard made this year, its actually about time that they did some improvements like this they actually call this process “spiritual update” to revamp models of current art content that exists in game. They even had to start from scratch from base model, to skin tone variations and customization options (i.e scars, wrinkles, moles, earrings etc.)

5HB79A6AP1KI1389918758830Well we saw the female models revamp for Humans, I’m curious for what male would look like which I’m also excited! I bet it will look handsome. Not only humans but other characters in game as well especially the cute gnomes, elves, the taurens and undead. How about you? I know I’m also curious what will Blizzard offer for us in the future updates. For more information about this changes click here.

Photos here are courtesy of World of Warcraft. And I also agree with JD Kenada that “he appreciated WoW’s laid back cartoonish feel with the updates”. Blizzard remain unique that they made the improvements likely to remain that effects it may not be 3D like other MMORPG character customization (i.e Aion, Rift) but still overall I really like where this is going. Thank you Blizzard!

Anyway, Thanks for dropping by.. share your views on what you think about the changes? Any suggestions? I think Blizzard made a really good move about it and I can’t wait what they will do with other characters in game. Please don’t forget to follow my blog, subscribe, like my facebook page and follow me @amerpriest in twitter. Thank you again for dropping by, reading or just visiting. God Bless and I love you all!

Where I hang out my Priest in game

Hi guys, As I was digging through some of my old screenshot folders i found one that i really like. It was actually where I usually standby my character when I am afk in a small island by a lighthouse in Westfall. I just love the scenery, the small stairs where you can sit and water surrounding the island. So ill ask same for you guys where do you hang out your character most of the time when your afk? Im sure some maybe flying around Azeroth on top of the mountain where I also do that sometimes.


World of Warcraft sure has a lot of places where we can pretty much hang out anytime at. Besides afking in raids and a mob aggro’ed you be fun sometimes haha, but sometimes dying it irritates me. Anyway, I just thought i shared this screenshot i took long time ago. I really do miss playing my characters in game, as I recall i quit a year ago i think. If anyone can help me out how to figure out how to download my game client without having any errors for Windows 8. I did everything i could already, I searched though internet how to avoid the errors and try to fix it… from blizzard faqs and troubleshooting i did everything but still it doesnt allow me to download, I also try configuring my windows firewall still not working.

Im a sad panda, even I wanted to play Diablo III and Starcraft its same thing it doesn’t want me to play. it is a sign? that i should not play anymore? Noooo!!!! Anyway, for any computer expert out there maybe you can help me out here? Anyway, Have a great day everyone! I am really trying to catch up with my blogging as well. Thanks again for the follows, subscriptions, links, comments, even just for those who drop by who reads my posts. God Bless everyone and take care always, Love ya!