Blog Challenge: #3 Pick up groups (PuG)

IJN19FIVIA201338500599179So the 3rd challenge for Topic #3 is Pugging or as many known in MMORPG especially World of Warcraft it means Pick up group, or should i call it PARTY UP GUYS! I mean you do party up with players especially in a raiding group or party group. It consists of different roles as Primary functions i.e Leader, Tank, Healers and DPS. And secondary function as i.e crowd control, main assist, rezzer, scout, puller.

To play this all out it may consist of different numbers as well like for example in a party group it consist of 5 members in the team, raids consists of 40 or minimum of 25 players. The leader obviously explains the loot rules, and all players should know the mechanics of the fight so everyone can play out their roles to defeat any bosses in raid dungeons or party dungeons.

Pugging actually helps a lot in players who didn’t have a guild and cater to solo players in my opinion, they can join any random groups in every content there is including classic dungeons. I like that its has been updated through each expansion and it’s just getting better and better. It really allows players not to get bored with the current content from just questing  but to also experience the end game raiding and dungeon content. It also helps your achievements points, if you are up for it.

Some may also had a bad experience with pugging and I’m one of those players who encounter being in a group of just unprepared, doesn’t know the mechanics of the boss fights and slow party meaning the tank doesn’t know how to hold their aggro and healer doesn’t know how to heal much to actually save the team just wasn’t happening or it will just be completely waste of time and just die most of the time. You will be lucky enough to actually have a good consistent group of players and run together than choosing random players in a PuG.

Anyway, there’s bad and good in Pugging don’t get me wrong. It really depends now on item level, how skillful the players are to defeat the boss, how initiative the players are, good communication, to always be prepare in terms of consumables etc. and also if there is one leading the group listening is the key too.

Raid finder these days helps a lot especially that I don’t raid regularly now, trust me i used to be raiding a lot with my guild before in a 25 man raid content and it was more strict but queuing in now for Raid finder is not too bad, it’s actually easy and you can always do this at your own time, but tanks and healers are always in demand to complete the group but if you have all the patience it will be fine. As I always say just have fun!

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3 Responses to Blog Challenge: #3 Pick up groups (PuG)

  1. I think one of the most specific uses of group finder is joining a raid just for one boss to get a very specific piece of gear; like to fill out your four-piece set. Pugging raid groups get used to players moving in and out as they progress through the raid.

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    • AmerPriest says:

      I agree with you, but in one que these days its like per tier or stages one dungeon has 4 tier or 2 like for example in Karazhan, before you can finish all the bosses its split into two parts upper and lower bosses. I mean i think its good that they did that so that the run wont be as too long like before even in normal runs.


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