High Priest’s Lightsworn Seeker Mount

611170Hi guys, In this order of Quest line for the class mount it starts at Grand Priest on Broken Shore after completing  Breaching the Tomb with a Priest which I did today out 15/15 chapters done. In this order you will start the quest for the class mount;

  1.  The Speaker Awaits – needed to go back to the order hall & get a follow up quest.
  2.  The Sunken Vault – to meet Brann Bronzebeard in Azsuna (near Illidari Stand)
    It will start as a scenario and to activate the console and kill the enemies who are attacking after around 3 min of role play and talk to Brann to return to Dalaran. Whenever there is a Brann in a scenario he is a very humorous dwarf he makes me laugh every time he does and do side jokes.

 High Priest’s Lightsworn Seeker will be added to your mount collection automatically after turning in the quest. This mount is super cute, it is used as ground and flying mount. Since, I can’t fly yet in Broken Isle But I took some screenshots with the mount, Hope you like them. This mount is like half owl face, half cat haha! Also, the color of the mount changes depending on your specialization.


Anyway, I just thought to share it here and the whole ceremony of rewarding the mount is also very formal as you can see the screen shots, I like how my priest walking in the center surrounded by her followers in the room and the rest of the other High Priests there. Since purple also is my favorite color, this mount just really fits well for Shadow Priests.

How about you guys? Did you already acquire your Class Mount? Please do share your experience. I like to hear from you. Also, please don’t forget to share, like, follow my blog and my social links located in my side bar of my blog. Thanks for reading my post today. Happy gaming gamers!


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9 Responses to High Priest’s Lightsworn Seeker Mount

  1. Lord of Icecrown says:

    So far I’ve got the hunter Class Mount. It’s amazing.

    And the scenario to get it was really fun, as we get to join Keeper Odyn and some of his Stormforged Valajar on their sacred hunting grounds, the Fields of Eternal Hunt, and we need to track and hunt several beasts in the night, eventually being recognized by an ancient wolfhawk spirit as worthy and after defeating it in a battle test, you’ll be able to summon one as our own mount.

    However, for the other spec colours, you’ll need to complete Power Ascended on each artifact and then buy them on your Class Hall for 1000 order hall ressources.

    I can’t wait for my priests to gain that amazing mount 😀

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    • AmerPriest says:

      Nice! Im glad you also had fun doing your class mount, doing each class is different which makes it great, j loce how blizzard added this feature for rewarding us a mount in the end, all class deserve it.

      The spec colours, thanks for adding that info up i forgot to mention it how to. Since all of my artifact is all acquired but purchasing them for 1000 order hall resources guess thats not bad.

      I have other characters for sure to do once im a little over with my main, i just dont want to start leveling a new character when im not done with main yet hehe.

      But yes it should be easy to get it for your priest, Good Luck!


  2. grimmtooth says:

    Priest, Mage, Hunter, and Warlock. Of the four, I like Warlock the best, though I do feel a flying Warlock mount was due three or four expansions ago. Still, beats walking. The mage “fidget spinner” mount isn’t the greatest LOOKING, but it turns on a dime and doesn’t get in the way, and that goes a long way for my screenshot-happy self.

    It might interest you to know that the hideous death scream the priest mount makes also carries over to Disco and Holy. Makes perfect sense for Shadow, but I keep looking for The Witch King every time I rez mine up in Disco mode.

    The hardest to get was on my mage. Fire spec, so glass cannon, yo. Since my usual main is Hunter, I’m not used to dodging around avoiding damage as much as getting my bear to go take care o dat ting. 🙂

    Grats on the new mount, and may flying come to you speedily so that you can enjoy all the things 🙂

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    • AmerPriest says:

      Wow! I’m jealous that you have gotten a few of your class mounts already! damn son! you are on a roll… lol I agree with the Warlock because I’ve seen it with my friend I usually play with her and she’s a warlock and its nice and of course it’s also purple so hell yeah! Is the mage the one like a disc mount? or that’s different?

      Anyway, In regards to death scream I’m a bit confused on that part haha! I bet the Druid is hella fun though! it looks like. I didn’t know you have to do different scenario for mage class mount depending on class specific? is it really? O…O

      Thanks, yes acquiring mine was easy though for Priest that is. You swim in a sub, open a deserted tomb and there you have it! lol Congrats on yours too that’s a lot to accomplish. My priest is my only level 110 atm.


  3. Druid, Hunter and Mage. Working on the warrior now; sort of running alts up through their campaigns to see the story and the halls with a mount reward at the end!
    Grats on our mount! High status!

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    • AmerPriest says:

      Man… I’m jealous with your alts! I can’t even finish my flying mode on main well that’s because I just got back playing on this expansion so I’m falling behind but once I get everything done on main it will get easier on alts for sure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic as always! its nice to hear from everyone experience with their class mount.


  4. Alunaria says:

    Thank you for sharing! As someone who only has time for one character, it’s a joy to get a glimpse into all the class specific stuff. The /mountspecial of your mount is so sweet, with the wings. And it’s big paws. Cute cute cute.

    I did get my class mount/form – sorry for linking something to my own site here, but it was such a long journey in 52 steps, so I must apologize for not telling it all over again!


    As for the liking of it, I do not use it, sadly. It does not work on Argus (cant be used in none flying areas), it has no running animation, and it bugs up often, and its clunky and ugly, I think. It’s a huge shame. The Druid class mount/form was released so broken, and many druids are not satisfied, but I still have my fingers crossed, that it will get fixed someday.

    The scenario screenshots looks super great!

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    • AmerPriest says:

      Oh wow! I didnt know that Druid class mount was buggy or broken like that. Sorry to hear that i sure do hope they fix it. That sure is a shame why because in all honesty here i am thought that the druid forms or mount would have been beautiful in a way it will cater the druids how they shapeshift and stuff.

      Anyway its okay at least still have those beautiful mounts to use. 🙂

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