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Blog Challenge: #3 Pick up groups (PuG)

So the 3rd challenge for Topic #3 is Pugging or as many known in MMORPG especially World of Warcraft it means Pick up group, or should i call it PARTY UP GUYS! I mean you do party up with players … Continue reading

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My Priest Finally Hit 100! Yay!

Hi everyone! it’s been a month i know. Just thought to let everyone know that I am happy to level my priest in less than 48 hrs since i got back playing on Monday. Though i know I’m back I … Continue reading

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OLRG: Fun Night! “I need more wine!”

Wohoo! The other day, Sat March 15. The ladies i knew in our blogging community Ancient “ToTa of Tome of the Ancient Blog” and Mataoka “Matty of Sugar & Blood Blog” has always run some fun raids and dungeons every … Continue reading

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To Suffer, To Have Fun In game or nothing at all!

This topic right now is about how frustrated I am being in a PvP server lately. Before never bothered me since most of the time I was focused to only one character to raid, My priest. And So I upgrade … Continue reading

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