Blog Challenge: #5 Me, as an NPC

amerpriestHi guys, Blog Challenge Topic # 5 is You as an NPC by Z & Cinder’s. To be honest I actually don’t know what I will be as an NPC in Azeroth. But I thought that since I am known in the community as a general blogger and in real world I am a healthcare provider. If you bind it together it will make sense that I can be a helpful Ambassador NPC as a High Priest in game and I will be staying at the Order hall.

This NPC will be responsible for any High priest and to acquire a daily quest from me. You will need to do a kind and  responsible duty anywhere in Azeroth. After doing your good deed for the day, You will be rewarded a High Priest buff that gives you Intellect and Haste +500 that will last for 60 mins and Your relationship with me can progress to a certain point that we become “friends” or even “close friends”. It can also track how many dailies you have done with me and when reaching 100, you will be rewarded a cute toy pet.

I know it sounds common, but doing this makes me realized that even in game helping or showing kindness as a daily quest with different tasks in hand, It’s natural for me to able to reach out and show some kindness in anyway possible. I can be known as Amerpriest who shown dedication to her work that all who participates are blessed with the Light and Azeroth will be forever thankful for all the good deeds that players will do.

I think it’s a good idea because in real world these days there’s too much blood, tears and disasters and tragedy we are facing as of late, If we are just at home and we enjoy playing the game we love it’s good to have a reminder that even though how toxic players can be or how your day went bad or good. Sometimes, there will still be good lessons and tasks to be done by doing my daily quests.

Anyway, Hope you share your thoughts on my topic today post your comments below, This topic sure was a challenge. If you want to join the Blog challenge is never too late, just click the link above. Please don’t forget to share, like and subscribe. My social links are posted in my side bar of my blog. Thank you so much and Happy gaming gamers!


About AmerGamer

A PC Gamer, Blogger, Healthcare Provider, A Friend you can chat with about anything.
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4 Responses to Blog Challenge: #5 Me, as an NPC

  1. Wisteria says:

    Wonderful story for you NPC. And that transmog. It is fantastic. Doesn’t look like anything I seen, players nor NPC. Excellent work 🙂

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    • AmerPriest says:

      Heya Wis, Thank you! glad you like my story and mog, it was gears from MoP expansion. I will share the list of gears name later on hehe and I actually just changed it the other day too. I like it so far. I have a habit of trying to change my mog like every 2 weeks kinda. Anyway, Hope if I will be that NPC that they would appreciate it. =) thanks for dropping by.

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  2. I like it a lot, spread goodwill across the land.

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