Blog Challenge: #4 An Azeroth Holiday

nagrandoutback_hd1080Hi guys, Today’s blog challenge topic hosted by Z & Cinder is all about An Azeroth holiday, meaning if i were to be given a chance where to go and spend whole day and relax at where would I spend it to? For starters, I always admire the landscapes of Azeroth, the beautiful scenery, the bluest sky,  bodies of waters, the green grass, mountains and canyons what have you. 

The Most beautiful place in all continent for me was always been Nagrand (Old map, Outlands) I can spend all day here, the hanging falls, the plateau, just quiet nature  surrounded with local villagers, green grass, and water lakes and for sure can do some fishing, or picnic with my friend, cook good food. The whole place itself is already an adventure, can go climbing, hunt. I mean I can’t complain about this place? Can you? Maybe just the PvP area i want to stay away from but overall, I can stay here for a while night and day and will definitely relax camping or can be accommodated at the Inn.

Anyway, How about you guys? If you want to join the blog challenge is never too late and can visit on the link above. Please do share  your thoughts below my comment section. Feel free to follow my blog, and share my topic today. Subcribe my social links to keep updated. Thank you so much, Happy gaming gamers!


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5 Responses to Blog Challenge: #4 An Azeroth Holiday

  1. Alunaria says:

    Nagrand is a very beautiful place, no doubt 🙂 The music there as well is like soup for the soul. Somewhere Night Elvenish, that’s where I will be… 😉

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  3. Princess of the Mists says:

    I agree with you, that place would be awesome for some holidays! It’s quiet and, in my opinion, one of the reasons why it would be good is because, while IT IS BEAUTIFUL, it’s not full of details which would probably tire the brain (I love details though, I can’t run away from that). Amazing picture you chose, btw!

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