Guys! I can fly in Broken Isles now, YAY!

WoWScrnShot_102717_002218Hi guys, as much as excited I am when I wrote the title of this topic today. YES! FINALLY! I can fly in Broken Isles now, It really did took me a month with so much grinding on reputation, world quests, killing demons, elite rares, dungeon runs and quest order hall missions. But I wouldn’t be able to do it by myself  without my friend’s help. I am so thankful Mammadragon (friend for so many years in game, It’s pretty much just me and her who always play together). She helped me so much in killing rare elites, world quests and it’s so much fun. Thanks MAMA, Love you! hehe Continue reading

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Blog Challenge: #5 Me, as an NPC

amerpriestHi guys, Blog Challenge Topic # 5 is You as an NPC by Z & Cinder’s. To be honest I actually don’t know what I will be as an NPC in Azeroth. But I thought that since I am known in the community as a general blogger and in real world I am a healthcare provider. If you bind it together it will make sense that I can be a helpful Ambassador NPC as a High Priest in game and I will be staying at the Order hall.

This NPC will be responsible for any High priest and to acquire a daily quest from me. You will need to do a kind and  responsible duty anywhere in Azeroth. After doing your good deed for the day, You will be rewarded a High Priest buff that gives you Intellect and Haste +500 that will last for 60 mins and Your relationship with me can progress to a certain point that we become “friends” or even “close friends”. It can also track how many dailies you have done with me and when reaching 100, you will be rewarded a cute toy pet. Continue reading

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Blog Challenge: #4 An Azeroth Holiday

nagrandoutback_hd1080Hi guys, Today’s blog challenge topic hosted by Z & Cinder is all about An Azeroth holiday, meaning if i were to be given a chance where to go and spend whole day and relax at where would I spend it to? For starters, I always admire the landscapes of Azeroth, the beautiful scenery, the bluest sky,  bodies of waters, the green grass, mountains and canyons what have you.  Continue reading

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High Priest’s Lightsworn Seeker Mount

611170Hi guys, In this order of Quest line for the class mount it starts at Grand Priest on Broken Shore after completing  Breaching the Tomb with a Priest which I did today out 15/15 chapters done. In this order you will start the quest for the class mount;

  1.  The Speaker Awaits – needed to go back to the order hall & get a follow up quest.
  2.  The Sunken Vault – to meet Brann Bronzebeard in Azsuna (near Illidari Stand)
    It will start as a scenario and to activate the console and kill the enemies who are attacking after around 3 min of role play and talk to Brann to return to Dalaran. Whenever there is a Brann in a scenario he is a very humorous dwarf he makes me laugh every time he does and do side jokes.

Continue reading

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