Blog Challenge: #2 How has WoW changed my life?

living-with-a-gamer-girl-and-a-hipster-girl_o_1844465Hmm, Where do I start? I am just going to say that for more than 10 years of playing World of Warcraft and If I am going to be technical here. I am paying $14.99/month x 10 years +other merchandise, game features mounts, pets, expansions and other expenses this game did to me. I am pretty sure I could have saved all that money spent for something else, maybe I could have gone back home and have a vacation. But don’t get me wrong, like any other players out there who had spent real money for the game. I believe that we didn’t regret it because we did love the game despite all the expenses.¬† Continue reading

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Why do I blog about World of Warcraft?

blogHi guys, I know my topic today is a common one but I find it hard to explain to some players Why I blog about the game, maybe I actually need to post a blog about it to express my answer better. The whole idea of me blogging about the game, is to share my thoughts to those players who have same interests as mine. I talk about screenshots, achievements, lore or just a simply about a quest I have done for the day. I also like to read up about other peoples stories and adventures within the game because it is our own opinion to express about it. Blog for me is like a Journal or a diary per se. Continue reading

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Appearance Feature: Priest Tier Set Gears

Screenshot_3Hi guys, My main in game is a Human Priest all this time since Patch 4.3 back in 2011 they added the Transmogrification feature in game which got us excited because they have given the players a chance to customized our looks instead of just having 1 class gear set. But like any other feature there are certain set of rules for transmogrification in game.

I want to share a few looks of sets that I currently have though some have missing parts but as long as there is a robe, shoulder, and helm It will still look epic. The set will just look fine for the appearance to look as if you have all the items collected. Again, these set are just for Priests though, some classes may have similar looks and different colours depending if you are DPS or Healer. Continue reading

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Blog Challenge: #1 Favorite Legion Quest


Hi guys, Here is my first post on Topic #1: Favorite Legion quest challenge by Z & Cinder’s. My Favorite Legion Quest so far was in Suramar, I actually started hating that place to be honest with you because I thought it will never end, as I just didn’t mind how many chapters there was in that zone until I didn’t mind it at all anymore and I just continued questing. It was definitely a challenge because part of the quest line you actually have to farm some Ancient Mana Crystal to pay a quest. It would have been so easy if I could fly around the zone. But as long as I was with¬†First Arcanist Thalyssra for guiding me and at the same time helping her through her journey as well as mine and never felt alone. It surely was a fun adventure. Continue reading

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