“Bring the Player, not the class”


Hi guys, this WoW phrase has brought a few discussions lately in the community especially during the Blizzard: Battle for Azeroth Q&A a few days ago. I stumbled upon an article that talks about this. The conversation leads when Josh Allen, brought up an old controversial WoW phrase: “take the player, not the class.” Hazzikostas answered regarding the tired phrase.  Continue reading

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Blog Challenge: #7 My bucket list of 2018


Hi guys, been a while! I apologized for not keeping you updated on my blogging lately. that’s because I am prioritizing my life right now first before anything else, especially that I just started a new job- working 8-5pm Mondays-Fridays gets tiring by the time I get home. I just either play games like Smite or level a few or run some battlegrounds with my friends in WoW randomly but most days I am not online, My weekends are pretty much my chore days. I know you guys can relate to some of you that may have the same schedule as I do. But I will always try.   Continue reading

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Blog Challenge: #6 Underneath My Azeroth Tree

wow_christmas_108_by_knockwurstHi Guys, I know this challenge is a year late but check out Cinder and Z challenge here, but the reason I waited today before I can post this topic just to catch up to the theme. Since, today is Christmas eve and the topic challenge today is What’s underneath my Azeroth Tree this year or what I could ask for? Honestly, I know I missed a few events and expansion to catch up on. Though, I enjoyed just coming back to play here and there, No pressure is great and I think that’s enough for me. {Art Photo credits above by Kienan Lafferly (Cusley)  ’05.} Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Cheers!

PilgrimsbountyHi guys, sorry for my absence as of late. Been busy with work at the same time trying to catch up on just doing my Loremaster achievement in game (will share later my screen shots and some random shenanigans), I already finished most of the quests in Azeroth despite how Deathwing destroyed everything for me yes, I actually have to redo doing the quests just to get credit for finishing the areas, which mind you I already did since I started playing the game which it is really frustrating. Continue reading

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BlizzCon 2017 and Battle for Azeroth New Expansion.

672852Hi guys, this weekend was so busy not only that it was BlizzCon 2017 for all Blizzard gamers out there that happened on Nov. 3-4 this year. World of Warcraft community was so hyped and excited for what’s coming. I was able to watch the opening ceremony virtually and little of what was talked about with the panels. But the highlights of the whole event for me was the cinematic of the new upcoming expansion of the Battle for Azeroth. If you haven’t watch it yet, you don’t want to miss out so click the photo above.  Continue reading

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