Blog Updates: To My Fellow Bloggers!

blog_updateHi guys, I know it’s been a while. Sorry for the inconvenience that I was not able to share anything this past month. Just been really busy with work and my part-time business that I am currently focused on . I also had problem with my blog site for the past few weeks, thought my hosting services has a periodic back up services for all my posts and comments but nothing. When i spoke to them the other day It is very unfortunate that they couldn’t recover all my data from March through October this year 2014, I was really upset that it happened But I couldn’t do anything than continue where i left off prior of me signing up the hosting services in March.

Anyway, Just thought to let all my fellow bloggers, followers, readers to please update my blog link on your blogrolls and to also please be notified that I can only commit 1 to 2 post a week for now until i can adjust my schedule again. This week i am studying for my state license board exam and hopefully pass it to get that out of the way please wish me luck, it is a requirement that i need for my business. I am looking forward to share new experiences this new upcoming expansion. We already get the taste of the beta patch already and soon to level our characters again and I am pretty sure everyone will get really busy next month.

Before this note becomes very long, I just thought to let you know too that I miss my wow blogging community. I am still also try to continue to moderate Blog Azeroth forums, for other moderators who is still willing to help monitor it please do it. you guys can message us anytime in our twitter account @Blogazeroth and @amerpriest  and Please also visit my other blog over at Amerence Love WoW Blog. Thank you so much for taking time to read this post, I greatly appreciate it. Have a great day everyone!

Warlords of Draenor Beta 6.0.2 Patch Live!

Well, as you may all know the new patch 6.0.2 was launched on Sept 12, 2014. Everyone was updating, optimizing their gears, exploring and heading out to Blasted lands to do some of the quest line. Anyway, So far everything was okay except all the bugs and Lua errors your getting because of the addons needed an updates are well expected especially most of the time if their is a new and huge patch of changes.

For all the information about the new patch please refer to this link and read it! Hope these links will help you know what new features has been updated, make sure to recheck your talent specialization, your glyphs, enchants and all that.. As far as my Priest I just optimized it and really help me managed that easily.

As far as Interface I know their some additional features added like toy box, reagent bank etc. Its really useful if you ask me, and I installed ShestakUI as my main interface its really awesome as I don’t have to worry about downloading all necessary addons like Grid raid frames except i needed Deadly Boss Mods, Recount and some important Raiding tools.

Here is my new interface taken yesterday I love it and you can costumized your stylization. just remember to always back up your WTF folder and Interface folder before installing and trying this interface out.


New Features

New Content

Character and Class Changes

Quality of Life


Additional Changes

Anyway, Hope you are enjoying the new patch live 6.0.2 we are all looking forward for the new expansion coming up for us to Level to 100! Despite the fact I lost my previous blog posts since March 2014.. I will continue to post whenever i can.. and still hop on my other blog as well at Amerence Love WoW Blog. I appreciate any feedbacks and comments you may think of. I appreciate it! Have a good day everyone!

The Blue Luminous Mount!


As Blue as the sky, This Hearthsteed mount just glows! So Magical!

Well, I know it’s been two to three weeks now since the Hearthsteed mount promo for card gamers out there to get a chance of winning a cool mount. Winning 3 games is easy right? But in my case not that simple, I had been really trying to win this thing (I guess I must be really suck at this game), As I keep trying and trying.. Sadly, nothing I failed and defeated. It actually got to the point of surrendering, I totally give up for two weeks and I never played it.

Hearthstone_Screenshot_3.18.2014.19.54.43But yesterday finally I decided to try it again, I was playing with my friend from Magtheridon server. He and I decided to really win this time. I was still hesitant to even try it and play this game But like everyone said “Try and Try until you succeed”, “Don’t give up!”, My only character available was Miss Jaina Proudmoure, a Mage. I played in a casual mode, and normal set of decks. I had tried to do customized decks but I always failed (Note to self, better choose a good cards, silly me!).

Anyway, Game started! I got 4 tries but still I failed, damn it! I played again and finally! 1st win for crying out loud.. Now I was getting excited of course. 2 more game and I will get that mount for sure. It’s funny because I was whispering my friend while playing luckily he won 3 games already and got the mount,

Hearthstone_Screenshot_3.18.2014.19.54.32I was jealous! So that just pumped up my energy more that I can do this! I was also chatting with Miss Matty yesterday, gave me some good luck speech and crosses fingers for me. Thank you! and It did work Miss Matty. I won the 2nd game! Omg!!! this time I was more excited! haha!

So it’s getting intense, First try to win the 3rd win I failed,  second try for 3rd win, FINALLY I GOT THE MOUNT! Wohoo! I was so happy you don’t even know! haha! I immediately jumped to World of Warcraft and brag about it and I even broadcast it to my friends and guild. I was so happy! Finally! all these weeks of trying. paid off!

Anyway, For those who are still trying to acquire the mount! Please be confident that you will win it! I didn’t have that at first, I was so sad and frustrated, But i didnt quit entirely, I guess i just needed that push to try it again, and So i did! and what a great feeling and accomplishment to win something that you put effort to. In the end of the day! Sure it was really fun! Good Luck to everyone! and Happy gaming as always!