#WoWscreenshotaday February 28 “Reflection”


The last but not the least of all the categories for this screenshot challenge is “Reflection” To be honest with you i was having trouble what to post for this category, but thankfully Anunakaa from Haterraiders.com helped me out a bit and she mentioned Halls of Reflection while we were chatting in game. Thank god! lol because i have no idea, i also thought how will i get there if its inside a raid instance i was worried because im too squishy. Then she immediately remind me that “there is a dungeon version just take a screenshot of the entrance” haha of all this time, I already forgot of the 5 man dungeons since i took a break for a year, and i get lost so many times where to get there physically because im just so used of using the que system now a days.

Anyway, the screenshot is not all that great to conclude this challenge but hey at least i made it and its all done for February month. I will finally get back to posting random thoughts aside from just posting screenshots lately lol but i really like the idea of this community events because its not only fun but you are able to revisit old areas and content it also definitely brings back a lot of memories. Anyway, Thank you Tycertank of Toonacious blog for creating the event. Till next time again but I will take a break for now haha! Thank you World of Warcraft for continuing to amaze me with all the areas created in game, and Im looking forward for next expansion! yay! Thanks for dropping by guys and Happy gaming as always!


#WoWscreenshotaday Feb 27 “My View Today”


February 27 category is “My View Today” This post was supposed to be for yesterday, but lucky enough while digging to my old screenshots folder I had this one taken when i was leveling with my shaman at Stranglethon Vale. Exactly my view yesterday, just relaxing, watching movies at home, but if i were in the world of fantasy this is just my kind of setting. I love the sound of the waves, sleeping in a boat sure why not? camp fire, coconut trees its just like a paradise.

Hope you like the screenshot as much as I do. Please refer to Tycertank at Tooancious blog to check out other bloggers who participated of this screenshot challenge. Also, thanks for World of Warcraft for wonderful sights in game. The next category and the very last one is Reflection then i am happy to be able to accomplish my February 2014 #WoWscreenshotaday challenge by Tycertank. Thanks for dropping by guys, Happy gaming!

#WoWscreenshotaday February 26 “Light”


February 26 category is “Light” My initial thoughts was to take a screenshot of the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind but I wasn’t satisfied, and then my second thought was a Lighthouse but then again I already had post up previous topics about lighthouse as one of my favorite spot as well, So instead of just repeating myself posting on same theme, thought this 3rd idea will be better and yes it is. I choose to take a screenshot for this category at Deepholm, Crimson Expanse you may noticed that this place is always dark and that i find all those stones that helps in someway lights up the place, the crystals, the sparks, even the creatures here, there’s also lava and fire it creates a light to help adventurers guide there ways.

I really find is spectacular, especially these red rocks, the glimmering light and sparkles, those white long glitters i don’t know i find it really interesting and it creates light to this place as well. I didn’t think twice of taking a screenshot then. I hope you like it too. This post is 2days late, but this will just be one of the 3 themes to end my February challenge for this screenshot event by Tycertank at Toonacious Blog¬†today so please refer to her link if you want to check out other bloggers as well who joined. and credits to World of Warcraft for amazing game and creation. Thanks for dropping by guys, and Happy gaming!