Blog Challenge: #7 My bucket list of 2018


Hi guys, been a while! I apologized for not keeping you updated on my blogging lately. that’s because I am prioritizing my life right now first before anything else, especially that I just started a new job- working 8-5pm Mondays-Fridays gets tiring by the time I get home. I just either play games like Smite or level a few or run some battlegrounds with my friends in WoW randomly but most days I am not online, My weekends are pretty much my chore days. I know you guys can relate to some of you that may have the same schedule as I do. But I will always try.  

Anyway, I am still challenging myself to finish Z and Cinder Blog Challenge and I know I am a year late but to keep up with the category I am still here. My 2018 has been great so far, new job and all. So I am hoping my bucket list will not get me overwhelm and to still motivate myself that I can do it. So here goes…


  1. To continue playing World of Warcraft with my close friends Jen, Chris and Frieda even though it’s just part-time.
  2. To be able to catch up leveling my horde Demon Hunter and other characters in World of Warcraft in Mug’thol and Staghelm server to 110 before the new expansion coming up this September: Battle of Azeroth.
  3. To get exalted in all Legion Expansion, Right now my progress is all Revered and almost Exalted to The Nightfallen.
  4. Since I already finished all the Broken Isle Pathfinder 1 and 2, I am going to try to learn more about PvP with my friends whom I run battlegrounds lately, I did it before back in BC with my priest but now I am trying it out with my Demon Hunter.
  5. To motivate and push myself to finish the Blog Challenge by Z and Cinder and my blogging about World of Warcraft this year.
  6. Since Legion, I have not tried raiding yet with the expansion So one of my bucket list will be able to raid even if its just LFG or something.
  7. One of my bucket lists is to be able to finish building my gaming PC this year so I can live stream with games I play online especially World of Warcraft and Smite. And of course with all your support, later on, I will much appreciate it. Right now still playing on my 15yrs old PC lol.
  8. To earn more World of Warcraft achievements, there’s plenty to do.
  9. To gain more guild members to my new guild as I was elected officer by my friends, to contribute anything that can help, We are only casual gaming players. We are pretty laid-back.
  10. Finally, Before the end year and of course since September is my birthday month and it’s the launch of the new expansion is to buy the Digital Deluxe pre-order of the new expansion. Battle of Azeroth!

So I am looking forward and just look at these lists, I will cross them out if I already able to do them. I still like to thank everyone for dropping by and reading my blog.  Especially Alunaria for always dropping by my blog, I greatly appreciate you! Thank you. I am looking forward to doing more challenges and upcoming post soon. Happy 2018 everyone! Happy gaming!

About AmerGamer

A PC Gamer, Blogger, Healthcare Provider, A Friend you can chat with about anything.
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3 Responses to Blog Challenge: #7 My bucket list of 2018

  1. Alunaria says:

    Happy New Year, Amer, glad to hear you are doing well 🙂

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