My Review on SuperVillain UI

qHNWIkuHey guys, I promised that I would share my review on my current User Interface today. But trust me when I say that I have tried a lot of different Minimalistic compilations of UI before I was introduced to SuperVillain UI by my friend in game {Mammadragon}. I am one of those players who love addons and will try anything just to customize my interface to be more organized, clean and that it will cater my needs in game in terms of my play style as a shadow priest and as well as my other characters in game.

What is Supervillain UI?

This was created by FailCoder but it is now maintained by Munglunch and Joeymagz. It is a complete and full replacement user interface of your default World of Warcraft interface and this interface is inspired by a comic book theme and It’s a really fun. I know reviewing this in a video would have been more awesome but I will just go ahead and link here the video from the official Supervillain video post by the developers of this interface and prepare to be amazed how this interface is so awesome! Please go ahead and watch it, I recommend it. It will tell you what this Interface can offer in terms of the customization.

How to download and install the UI?

  • Please first BACK UP your current Interface folder and rename is to “Interface1”
  • Create a new “Interface” folder under your World of Warcraft folder and inside the “Interface” folder create “AddOns” folder.
  • To install: Open the downloaded zip file and drop all containing folders into your addons directory (ie.. “C:/Program Files/World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns”).
  • Be sure that at least the addons “SVUI_!Core” and “SVUI_!Options” are enabled from your character select screen.
  • Please refer to this link for the /slash commands in game to access the setting options. But do not download the interface from this site because it is outdated. Please refer “download zip file” above link to download the updated version from github file. Thanks.

My Screenshots in game with the Super Villain UI are shown below in a slideshow. Overall, I love this user interface, and I definitely recommend it, the other addons I download with my interface are Recount, Deadly Boss Mods, Memoria, Postal, World Quest Tracker. Grid is pretty much included in the interface and the Clique is an option for me when I do need to heal but I have not been playing disc or holy in this expansion but if I do I also recommend Grid+Clique for sure.

I apologized in advance if I didn’t go through each features of this interface to review but a few only or hope I covered as much. Because my blog post will definitely be very long and I don’t want you to be bored at reading this ha ha. But what really made me decide to use Supervillain UI is because its fun and it’s a comic theme, who wouldn’t like that?. It also has that unique feature compare to other UI compilations i tried before. As far as memory in all of my addons and including the interface. The file size is not taking much memory usage, I only used 16.53mb total memory and my latency in game has no lag issues whatsoever. (trust me my PC is over 10yrs old).


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

General Customization Review of My Interface:

  • Moving Frames = this is an option for anyone who doesn’t agree of the super villain default placing of frames. You can really easily access this by typing /sv to open the options of the Interface and click Move frames. Here you can customized the size of the frames as well and I think having that option is pretty cool.
  • Action Bars = This is an easy set up when you first start using the interface, because you can easily customized this if you want all 4 action bar visible in the middle or you want it only one big row of action bars, or 2 small ones.
  • Chat Settings = This settings is awesome because instead of having the header on top of the bar but its located in the bottom of the bar, you can also change the font size, font text and has each page has its own settings pretty much here you can also customized it.
  • Name Plates = I love the nameplates on this UI it is very clear and the cast bar are awesome too, you can pretty much change the backdrop color of the nameplate as you wish, Mine is set to class color that’s why it’s white background for Priests. But here you can also customized it however you like. So far I love mine.
  • Bag, Bank and Reagents storage = Everything is customized like a 1 bag pop up feature. the bags can be visible and has its own auto clean up to automatically organized your items in your bag. I know my bags and bank has full of crap ha ha!  But so far I love the dark backdrop of the frame.
  • Micro Menu – It is located on the very top corner of left side when you first set your ui it is on mouse-over feature, on mine I decided to enabled it as visible and not mouse-over. Its a matter of getting used to the comic like icons for this as well as the options settings located in the right corner bottom like your professions icons and damage meter page icon but overall I like it.
  • Raid frames = You can easily customized this by having 2 long columns located in the mid left side of your interface, or you can have the standard 5 group columns and rows like for a healer and so far I like it.
  • Party frame = You can customized this by also changing the frame to a 3d overlay feature so you can see your character moving in party of 5 and I change this on mine too because you can definitely choose.
  • Quest Tracker = The best feature that I love about this UI is that it is located in the bottom right corner frame instead of having it in the mid right which will be entirely taking space. So having it on the bottom makes sense for me, I really like it. I can also costumized the font size, the font text, the size frame and everything as I like.
  • Mini Map = I love this feature as well it really has the comic feeling especially that “Meanwhile” heading and the area where you are located. Its also bigger than the regular default mini map.
  • Tooltips = I am so happy that its not located in the bottom right corner but it was placed that its not covering the quest tracker and damage meter for me. You can also move the tooltip frame however you want it placed at. I like it very much.
  • Other features and frames = All in all the backdrop of the entire interface is colored Dark for me, but this can also be customized however you like. But I like having it dark this way so I can see my game better and not to get distracted with the other colors going on in the game for me and I think that’s a good thing.

Anyway, try and watch the video of this UI, also read instructions how to download and install. Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you need help setting it up and answer your questions as much as I know. Please comment below and share your thoughts about my current interface,  don’t forget to share, like and subscribe my post today. Thank you so much for reading my review and I definitely recommend it 100+%. My social links are also located in my side bar of my blog. Happy gaming gamers!



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2 Responses to My Review on SuperVillain UI

  1. Alunaria says:

    I understand why you are fond of that UI. 🙂 I bet those that want to use it appreciate your little guide here too 🙂 Personally I have chosen to install an AddOn that makes the standard UI fade a little, so the colours of it is not as obvious, so I can easier look at the screen instead of my UI, if that makes sense 🙂


    • AmerPriest says:

      I really love it. but i have tried Elvui, Tukui., Dark shestak ui” spartanui and many so far this will definitely last with me for now. 🙂 hope you can try it one day see it for yourself. Thanks for dropping by.

      Liked by 1 person

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