Why do I blog about World of Warcraft?

blogHi guys, I know my topic today is a common one but I find it hard to explain to some players Why I blog about the game, maybe I actually need to post a blog about it to express my answer better. The whole idea of me blogging about the game, is to share my thoughts to those players who have same interests as mine. I talk about screenshots, achievements, lore or just a simply about a quest I have done for the day. I also like to read up about other peoples stories and adventures within the game because it is our own opinion to express about it. Blog for me is like a Journal or a diary per se.

For some,  Why would you create a blog and how will you able to gain audience for anyone to read your blog? Some may say “I am my own blog” and doesn’t need a website to post what I think about the game.

These are just some of the questions other players would ask and I totally understand you. But it really depends on what interest you. like for example, some blogs are just general topics about World of Warcraft, some bloggers are talking mainly about class specific or theory crafting, or just purely screenshots, as many bloggers have different topics to read from. Bloggers like myself we are not here to ask and force anyone to read what we post in our blogs, we are not here to gain fame or anything.

But if we get recognized for our own effort for talking about the game we love playing then accept the opportunities that knocks on our door. Because honestly, we always start somewhere right? I know for some its debatable why we still blog about the game we play, because there’s other platform you can actually share your thoughts about like Youtube vlogging, Twitter or Twitch streams, and there’s also Facebook page. I have all these platforms and whatever I post here it’s sync and linked with these social networks and that’s the beauty of the internet technology these days.

Anyway, this is one of the reason why I love blogging especially about the game we all love and play because we can exchange conversation about it, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So I leave the same question to all of you bloggers out there, Why do you blog about World of Warcraft? or If you have any other blog that talks about other games. I appreciate any thoughts you like to share and comment below. Please like, share and follow me on my social networks located in my side bar of my blog. Thank you all so much for reading/visiting my blog. Happy gaming gamers!




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4 Responses to Why do I blog about World of Warcraft?

  1. Saga says:

    Sadly, as you know – I’ve not blogged about World of Warcraft in quite a long time. When I did, it was because of many of the reasons you mention. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a place to rant when things go wrong or you have an opinion about something. Sometimes it’s nice just to show off your transmog or some of the beautiful screenshots that you can get.

    These days, I sadly don’t play as much – and hence my blogging about it has also stopped. Some days I think that I should start again, but maintaining more than one blog is a bit of a nuisance. Maybe I could somehow add a category about WoW on my personal blog and let people subscribe to that alone *lol* That sounds very convoluted though!

    Whenever I come across people writing about WoW I always feel the niggling need to start up my blog again, but unless I suddenly have a lot more time, I don’t know how I’d do it :/

    (This is Saga from Spellbound btw, wordpress is arguing with me about my username so not sure what will show up)

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    • AmerPriest says:

      Hi Saga! I’m so glad you drop by hon, For some reason your comment showed up in the spam folder which was weird. haha! Anyway, I like the idea that if you do continue your blogging that you can post a little section for the WoW topics aside from your personal one. I will still follow you for sure. I remember the blogging challenge you did the 20days challenge one I think that was a great community meme for everyone that participates too.

      Anyway, whatever you feel like its good for you just follow your gut! There’s a lot of new bloggers I found out too in the community and doing very well considering Blog Azeroth site actually is down now, a few retired. I myself even took 2yrs of break from the game and blogging imagine that. But here I am again. Legion expansion so far has so much to do and I am loving the expansion, Just check it out if anything.

      What server are you on before? Anyway, Take care hon. Glad you drop by. I appreciate it! ❤


  2. Wisteria says:

    I recently started a wow blog just to be able to like blog posts. I read very few wow blogs. Then I thought I might as well write something occasionally.

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    • AmerPriest says:

      Hi Wisteria, nice to see you here. Thanks for dropping by I greatly appreciate it. That’s always a good start, I actually did the same thing you did. Just reading here and there and liking posts about World of Warcraft and then it inspire me to do it. I said to myself if they can do it, I sure can too. But I know to generate readers, Twitter was the good thing to do that and I suggest you sign up too. But we just do it at your own pace and other bloggers will come along eventually if you are a beginner in all of this. No pressure! hehe!

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