Blog Challenge: #1 Favorite Legion Quest


Hi guys, Here is my first post on Topic #1: Favorite Legion quest challenge by Z & Cinder’s. My Favorite Legion Quest so far was in Suramar, I actually started hating that place to be honest with you because I thought it will never end, as I just didn’t mind how many chapters there was in that zone until I didn’t mind it at all anymore and I just continued questing. It was definitely a challenge because part of the quest line you actually have to farm some Ancient Mana Crystal to pay a quest. It would have been so easy if I could fly around the zone. But as long as I was with First Arcanist Thalyssra for guiding me and at the same time helping her through her journey as well as mine and never felt alone. It surely was a fun adventure.

Though, I am still long way before I can actually finish the whole Insurrection Story line of Suramar and acquiring the mount Arcanist’s Manasaber after doing the Fate of the Nightborne quest line and handing in The Nighthold: :Lord of the Shadow Council quest. But I am glad I was able to finish all the quest line of the Teleportation Network because it sure was so helpful to get around the zone especially in Suramar City.

Anyway, Overall Suramar has definitely been the highlight of Legion for me. The city is wonderful, The art and not to mention purple! all i see is purple my favorite color. I do love the quest line and how they put it all together. The Nightfallen definitely sets high than the rest of the zone I’ve been so far in Legion, also I just actually hit Revered with them.  Still more to follow with this zone. I will keep you posted for sure. Thanks for reading my post today guys.

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