Warlords of Draenor Beta 6.0.2 Patch Live!

Well, as you may all know the new patch 6.0.2 was launched on Sept 12, 2014. Everyone was updating, optimizing their gears, exploring and heading out to Blasted lands to do some of the quest line. Anyway, So far everything was okay except all the bugs and Lua errors your getting because of the addons needed an updates are well expected especially most of the time if their is a new and huge patch of changes.

For all the information about the new patch please refer to this link and read it! Hope these links will help you know what new features has been updated, make sure to recheck your talent specialization, your glyphs, enchants and all that.. As far as my Priest I just optimized it and AskMrRobot.com really help me managed that easily.

As far as Interface I know their some additional features added like toy box, reagent bank etc. Its really useful if you ask me, and I installed ShestakUI as my main interface its really awesome as I don’t have to worry about downloading all necessary addons like Grid raid frames except i needed Deadly Boss Mods, Recount and some important Raiding tools.

Here is my new interface taken yesterday I love it and you can costumized your stylization. just remember to always back up your WTF folder and Interface folder before installing and trying this interface out.


New Features

New Content

Character and Class Changes

Quality of Life


Additional Changes

Anyway, Hope you are enjoying the new patch live 6.0.2 we are all looking forward for the new expansion coming up for us to Level to 100! Despite the fact I lost my previous blog posts since March 2014.. I will continue to post whenever i can.. and still hop on my other blog as well at Amerence Love WoW Blog. I appreciate any feedbacks and comments you may think of. I appreciate it! Have a good day everyone!


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