The Blue Luminous Mount!


As Blue as the sky, This Hearthsteed mount just glows! So Magical!

Well, I know it’s been two to three weeks now since the Hearthsteed mount promo for card gamers out there to get a chance of winning a cool mount. Winning 3 games is easy right? But in my case not that simple, I had been really trying to win this thing (I guess I must be really suck at this game), As I keep trying and trying.. Sadly, nothing I failed and defeated. It actually got to the point of surrendering, I totally give up for two weeks and I never played it.

Hearthstone_Screenshot_3.18.2014.19.54.43But yesterday finally I decided to try it again, I was playing with my friend from Magtheridon server. He and I decided to really win this time. I was still hesitant to even try it and play this game But like everyone said “Try and Try until you succeed”, “Don’t give up!”, My only character available was Miss Jaina Proudmoure, a Mage. I played in a casual mode, and normal set of decks. I had tried to do customized decks but I always failed (Note to self, better choose a good cards, silly me!).

Anyway, Game started! I got 4 tries but still I failed, damn it! I played again and finally! 1st win for crying out loud.. Now I was getting excited of course. 2 more game and I will get that mount for sure. It’s funny because I was whispering my friend while playing luckily he won 3 games already and got the mount,

Hearthstone_Screenshot_3.18.2014.19.54.32I was jealous! So that just pumped up my energy more that I can do this! I was also chatting with Miss Matty yesterday, gave me some good luck speech and crosses fingers for me. Thank you! and It did work Miss Matty. I won the 2nd game! Omg!!! this time I was more excited! haha!

So it’s getting intense, First try to win the 3rd win I failed,  second try for 3rd win, FINALLY I GOT THE MOUNT! Wohoo! I was so happy you don’t even know! haha! I immediately jumped to World of Warcraft and brag about it and I even broadcast it to my friends and guild. I was so happy! Finally! all these weeks of trying. paid off!

Anyway, For those who are still trying to acquire the mount! Please be confident that you will win it! I didn’t have that at first, I was so sad and frustrated, But i didnt quit entirely, I guess i just needed that push to try it again, and So i did! and what a great feeling and accomplishment to win something that you put effort to. In the end of the day! Sure it was really fun! Good Luck to everyone! and Happy gaming as always!

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6 Responses to The Blue Luminous Mount!

  1. Congratz on the mount – hehe, I haven’t even tried for it yet because I truly do suck at card games. I might give it a go later on sometime.


  2. gbrat says:

    It flys? I got that this week as well, But I didnt know it flew..


    • AmerPriest says:

      Hi! Yes gbrat, it flys. But there some areas in game that all flying mount cant fly like Timeless Isle. But big cities and mostly areas that you can fly it flews. =) so its a really great mount too.


  3. Saga says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

    I was lucky to have played the beta for quite some time, so winning three games wasn’t too horrible. Still took me a little while since everyone was online getting that mount *lol*


    • AmerPriest says:

      Hi Miss Saga! Thank you for dropping by hon. and Yes, it wasn’t too bad i guess i was just struggling at first and I admit I got frustrated but its all good now, Finally got it! haha Thanks again! ❤


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