OLRG: Fun Night! “I need more wine!”


Wohoo! The other day, Sat March 15. The ladies i knew in our blogging community Ancient “ToTa of Tome of the Ancient Blog” and Mataoka “Matty of Sugar & Blood Blog” has always run some fun raids and dungeons every saturday for all those who don’t know yet. I know i asked ancient many times what time as I wasn’t sure what day either, just so happen since i had ancient in my friends list. I remember now that it was every saturday. Now, I added Matty’s battletag as well. Yay more bloggers in game!

Just some old ladies trying to have some fun that’s why this sentence “I need more wine” was so popular while we are in vent lol its so funny like we are all drunk hahaha. Anyway, First stop we went and try running Mogu’shan vaults! while clearing the trash we also learning the fight mechanics how to kill those stone lions, but “Team work” was the key and we did it! We are awesome!

Matty and I were the healers that night. After running Mogu’shan vaults successfully. We went to clear Blackwing Descent, I also got few achievements done it was really great! I thought we were done for the night but Matty, her guildie i think, Me and my friend Alf decided to go try kill first boss of Icecrown Citadel and so we did, we also finished the second boss.. I brought my mage this time. But when we try to kill the ship boss we failed! it sure was a long fight with only 4 of us. But it’s okay! still it was a fun run!

Overall my experience with these folks, made my day. I am for sure looking forward for next week. If you also want to add my battletag its Amergamer#1255 just let me know who you are so ill make a little sticky note in game. I like going back previous raid dungeons and have achievement runs like this never gets old. Guild is doing the same thing as well but its random days and some nights I’m not available to run with them. So every saturdays with OLRG team is awesome! =)

Thank you guys for having me this week. thanks Matty for having this event. And also, Ancient accent in vent so cute! hehehe…Yes, We also wished JD Kenada of Amateur Azerothian was with us, as Matty mentioned him for organizing events in Azeroth. I will also like to help out and anything for the community! Thank you.  As always Happy gaming everyone! =)


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A PC Gamer, Blogger, Healthcare Provider, A Friend you can chat with about anything.
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2 Responses to OLRG: Fun Night! “I need more wine!”

  1. It’s always fun and I hate it whenever real life interferes and I can’t go! It was great to see you there.


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