To Suffer, To Have Fun In game or nothing at all!


This topic right now is about how frustrated I am being in a PvP server lately. Before never bothered me since most of the time I was focused to only one character to raid, My priest. And So I upgrade gears as any raiders would do. I have alts but i mainly used them to benefit from their professions to accommodate the needs of my main character.

Also main reason why I had to moved from PvE server to PvP server before is mainly because of raiding environment of where I was then that guilds decides to disband prior of me moving to different realms. Sometimes you really had to sacrifice and spend real money to find a better home somewhere else since the server seems to be dead, or look to find that raiding guild you always wanted to be part of, I did that and applied, I had fun playing with new players no complains, no regrets at all that’s me and my opinion only, I don’t know if others sometimes feel the same way too.

I did took a break for a while about a year i think. I saved about $179.88 (a year) of monthly subscription of $14.99. prior to that i also spend so much real money just to transfer characters to different server or just to really spend buying mounts that will cost you $25.00 or Name change $10.00 and pets. Not to mention the whole 7+ years of monthly subscription. Blizzard sure is making lots of money don’t you think? But its okay.

I know i had to be practical as this is only a game but remind you, that you did put a lot of time invested to where you are “as some think, there characters are their legacy” but as of lately, I had to spend real money to moved my characters again to PvE server due the fact Im not happy anymore in PvP server where I am was at, It’s been bothering me while I quest with my alt toons, as hordes ganking at me, camping me or my friends i group with, its no fun anymore, my situation now a days since I came back playing is way different because right now I can spend more time soloing, questing, taking care of not just my main character but my alt characters too.

I totally understand the game concept, that’s how it is PvP vs PvE its a debate if you asked me. A lot of different opinions from players who either likes to play more challenging environment like PvP realms. or Just a normal peaceful environment PvE servers. In the end of the day, it is YOU who will choose how you play, what you will do, if you want to have fun or not, or just quit. It is also a choice to spend real money or not. It is a decision you must decide like myself that I rather spend $204.99 total this week just to move the following services than to suffer.

  • Guild Master Realm Transfer (Level 25 guild) with my Priest – $35.00
  • Character Transfer (Level 90 Mage) – $25.00
  • Character Transfer (Level 90 Rogue) – $25.00
  • Character Transfer (Level 87 Death Knight) – $25.00
  • Deluxe Digital Copy of New Expansion (Level 90 Boost, mount) – $69.99

These are things why? because I will be more happy to able to talk and get acquainted with other players while in a guild under my friends management while in PvE server with them. I can quest anytime of nothing to worry about hordes ganking at you, I can go to Timeless Isle and able to finish quests and have fun. I can raid, farm mats, quest, and level,  if I want to PvP i can flagged myself if need be or do some arenas, and battlegrounds. Enjoying the game is my goal, It’s currently stressful enough in real life and have to deal with that.

So In my case, World of Warcraft for me is an outlet from Real world of not to be stress, just to have fun playing the game. It doesn’t matter who you play with important is your enjoying it. Anyway, Hope you get my point and understand why? Some players do have different say how they play their characters. This is my two cents while I experienced being in a PvP realm. So now Im very glad despite i had to spend so much at least i don’t have to deal with it anymore and enjoy more playtime than i should. Anyway, Happy Gaming everyone! Thanks for dropping by.


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2 Responses to To Suffer, To Have Fun In game or nothing at all!

  1. Since I enjoy seeing the world and leveling alts I can only imagine how awful a PvP server would be for that. Exactly, WoW is for fun for me, not stress.


    • AmerPriest says:

      Hi Ancient, Thanks for dropping by hon. I enjoyed our run today till next week again for sure. Anyway, I agree with you our point is to really have fun, it’s a game after all. 🙂


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