Recap: Realm Transfers, Questing, WoW News Etc.

Hi guys, I apologized it has been about 12 days since i last posted a topic. That’s because I’ve been busy this week, did a lot of errands in real world, I went to attend my niece 3rd birthday party over the weekend. I went to file a case that is important right now and still on going, I also got injured at work so Dr. appointments is on schedule as well. I have also been trying to gear up and run some LFR with my alt characters. and I am also happy that I upgraded to purchase the Deluxe digital copy of the new upcoming expansion World of Draenor and we will talk about that here soon.

W3M0RRPCFNVA1291863903184Anyway, To start of with I am happy that I was able to find a new home for my main characters, so far I had moved my priest, my mage, and new addition to my character Amermonk and few more characters will be moved soon too and finally back in a PVE realm in Staghelm at my friend’s guild Grimbane, of Band of Pirates. That i did mentioned him a few times on my previous post who has been helping me geared up in Timeless isle a few times.

I choose to moved to a PVE server this time again because i had always had issues with hordes, no offense to those horde players out there. They are too aggressive vs alliance players It’s just when I wanted to just quest quietly, peacefully, a horde ganks at you and not only once but repetitive, pretty much camping you and it’s getting really annoying. I know some alliance players would probably do same thing to hordes because this is how the game is created with two factions at war like this especially if your in a PVP realm its not an exception right? I understand that. But i guess I wasn’t used to that as I was always been in a PVE realm.

wow_5.4I purchased the deluxe digital copy of the new upcoming expansion I know it’s a bit expensive but I took advantage of the 90 level boost character and also a free mount Dread Raven, nice to add to your collection too and that’s what why i made my monk as I always wanted to level one but sometimes i also got burnt out with leveling and questing over and over again so the boost level helped, but of course i had to learn my character and skills.

So far i had fun playing my monk with rotation, cooldowns and all that, really good resources of site to look up to is for any build and talents its a really helpful site. Also, the gears that you will acquire when you do boost a character is only item level 484 and its green items but still helpful, and it will port you to Timeless isle.

NJKJW53FJA3G1372445749288Okay, another issue that JD Kenada and I encounter yesterday when I asked a favor from him to be in a group with him so we will move to a PVE realm as me and my friend was trying to quest and this horde was killing and camping us got frustrated so I asked JD if he could help us. he was in a PVE realm. As he invited us on his warrior who is level 35, first he invited me and worked but when he invited my friend it went back to our PVP server.

So I thought it worked but it did not, so we tried again on his level 85 hunter, same issue. thought we knew what we are doing so we give up. But then i realized could it be our level? and JD thought same thing. So when JD logged off as we hopefully thought it worked, I asked another friend of mine to try if this time it will work. He was level 90, Me and my friend is only level 85 so when he added my friends battletag and invited us in a group it worked! finally!

I guess I just didn’t read through much on this issue, it only works to have a level 90 to invite two players from PVP realm. or many so that this system will work better and the level 90 in PVE realm doesn’t have to be online as long as we are in group with him and still works fine. Glad that was solved.

0GCS4VTGQ2GJ1394457340015Let’s talk about mount, Hearthstone now a days been so popular even for those who took a long break and came back instead of playing World of Warcraft they are playing either Diablo or Hearthstone. I know this because I have a friend who just did that. Its fun, it launched, and also talking about mounts winning 3 games and play vs another player in this card game wins you a really nice Hearthsteed mount. I tried to win my Jaina mage still low level and I don’t know if ill be able to win but i guess keep trying right? So hopefully, you are enjoying Blizzard games. As I am always a happy blizzard subscriber myself. Just have fun with it and still limit and moderate your time.

GFTVZT71U10T1318640466014And Lastly, Patch 5.4.7 Did great on boosting the item level of the Timeless Isle weapons from Item level 476 to 489. Rare spawns in Karasang Wilds can be killed and grant you honor points which is good for those players who farm these creatures. As far as Classes as I have a Rogue myself that the talent of

  • Nerve Strike now causes a successful Kidney Shot or Cheap Shot to also reduce the damage dealt by player targets by 25% (down from 50% for player targets). No changes to the talent when used against non-player targets.
  • BattleTag™ or Real ID friends are now only able to send 10 chat messages every 10 seconds over® chat. User Interface Add-Ons should use the new send function and receive events to send communications information.

Anyway, for more information about the new patch please visit here. Images posted here is credits to Blizzard, World of Warcraft. As always I enjoyed playing this game for more than 7yrs now. Coming back is worth it. Im excited for upcoming new expansion. Some of my March goals is checked off. I was also happy to able to level my professions in all 3 level 90’s that i had. More news to come for sure. Thanks again for dropping by, as always Happy gaming!

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