My Month of March Goals

Hi it’s first day of the month of March I realized how fast February went by, I just want to talk about my goals this month this way I will make sure to accomplish them as much as I can, I know the achievement system now a days is shared and that will make the whole reputation grinding faster, from raiding, dungeons and other type of achievements. I am still leveling my mage and she’s almost level 90 so I am looking forward to gear her up as well as my level 90 rogue, My Death Knight will be my next project to level as well as she is Level 85 now. But I will prioritize my goals of the following lists here and I hope I can do it (crosses fingers), How about you? Maybe you can talk about your March goals this month as well. Anyway, So here goes mine,

class_priestGearing up my main toon which is my priest she is currently item level 505 which is not even par to be able to go on flexible raids just yet. My goal is to at least gain enough gears of an item level of 550 and above.

achievement_general_workingasateamReputation grinding as much as i hate to grind but i had to, there are just reputations that i need to be able to acquire some great recipe to add for my professions. My priest is an enchanter/tailoring, My mage is engineering/mining and my rogue is elixir alchemist/herbalist. To have time to level my secondary skills as well like my fishing, cooking so all my characters can benefit from this as well.

achievement_raid_mantidraid01Finding a new home at least to my priest, I need a home since my current guild is pretty much dead, I am looking for a PVE server that im hoping before the new expansion comes out I can at least find a decent guild for my priest to grow and come back raiding again. either 10 man or for flexible raids.

inv_misc_bag_16To be able to sort my bags and its items especially in my bank and guild bank. There just too many items that I had to get rid of that i really don’t need. I know i had been holding them off because i had it since i started playing the game but i think somehow i will have to let it go so i can make room for new items to keep. Also, auction more items to earn gold.

inv_legendary_theblackprinceTo find time to finish my remaining quests that badly needs done especially on my priest, I am also trying to get the Black Prince (Legendary cloak) started, I only need 1 Sigil of wisdom then ill turn it in I know i had to start this now because i really heard that this questline is so long to finish.

inv_misc_pocketwatch_01To be able to find time to blog more topics I can share to my readers and followers, to entertain them as much as i can im looking forward to at least make a goal of posting one topic or two every week. No pressure just some random thoughts about my characters in game and what I’ve been up to. of course screenshots will be available to share as well.

spell_misc_emotionhappyLastly, Just having fun playing the game all the time, to gain more friends, maybe more readers in my blog too. but i really appreciate anyone who just like my posts & topics or to visit and comments,

Hope you had set up your goals for this month as well, please share your thoughts too and maybe somehow we may have the same goals. I may have forgotten somethings if i won’t be able to accomplish the goal i listed here I will carry it on for next month no biggie. At least this way I will have something to do and not bored myself just by one thing to do. Have fun guys! Thanks again for dropping by and Good luck to you too and Happy gaming as usual!


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2 Responses to My Month of March Goals

  1. No matter what goals you set for yourself, remember to always have fun and in this game – that is a must. Good luck!!


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