#WoWscreenshotaday Feb 27 “My View Today”


February 27 category is “My View Today” This post was supposed to be for yesterday, but lucky enough while digging to my old screenshots folder I had this one taken when i was leveling with my shaman at Stranglethon Vale. Exactly my view yesterday, just relaxing, watching movies at home, but if i were in the world of fantasy this is just my kind of setting. I love the sound of the waves, sleeping in a boat sure why not? camp fire, coconut trees its just like a paradise.

Hope you like the screenshot as much as I do. Please refer to Tycertank at Tooancious blog to check out other bloggers who participated of this screenshot challenge. Also, thanks for World of Warcraft for wonderful sights in game. The next category and the very last one is Reflection then i am happy to be able to accomplish my February 2014 #WoWscreenshotaday challenge by Tycertank. Thanks for dropping by guys, Happy gaming!


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