#WoWscreenshotaday Feb 22 “An act of kindness”


February 22 category is “An act of kindness” while i was still playing my mage as i really trying to level her up and as i was trying to finish a few Wildhammer quests in Twilight highlands one of the quest line was trying to save the town from the chaos that’s been trying to take over the highlands, one couple just really wants a peaceful marriage and celebrate it with close friends and family. I was lucky to be invited for the ceremony and walk the bride to the altar I was also one of the adventurers who also helped kill and protected the town from anything. I think it’s an act of kindness that i did for the couple, so while in a cinematic you will see my mage by the bride’s side and as the marriage ceremony finished, they are so happy.

I know this is only the first challenge they will encounter, after all of it the madness started again. But anyway, the quests we did with all the people of the land in game, there’s a story and we adventurers are trying to help them to be at peace with them to earn their trust for that matter. It is an act of kindness we give them to show them we respect there lands as we venture in this world. Anyway, Hope you like the screenshot i took it is when they got married and said their “I Do’s” its really cute if you asked me.

If you want to check out other bloggers who joined the screenshot challenge please go over to Tycertank at Toonacious Blog. and all credits to World of Warcraft as well. Thanks again for dropping by, I apologized for delayed post. Happy gaming everyone!


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2 Responses to #WoWscreenshotaday Feb 22 “An act of kindness”

  1. remszi says:

    I love this questline, it’so nice that you posted about it. Having said that, I know where I’m heading with my alt. The only thing is: nowadays you get xp so fast that can’t fully complete any zone without outlevelling it first. A pity… I miss these wonderful quests.


    • AmerPriest says:

      Hi thanks for dropping my renszi, I appreciate it. Yes I admit too im one of those players who mostly skipped some quests because now that the leveling experience is so fast now a days but sometimes it unlocks something you never know that’s there and its interesting if you have the patience to do the quest lines they can be fun at times too.

      I like to do all of the quest zone with my priest as she was my main but with the Cataclysm expansion reset all my quests that i did with my priest with Loremaster was wiped out and I had to do that again sometime. I dont know where to start too its frustrating sometimes but with the achievement being linked in all characters now it made it easier i guess Hope you will have fun with your questing as well. =).


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