#WoWscreenshotaday February 13 “Perfect”


February 13 category is “Perfect” when i was thinking about what i should post for this category I immediately went back to Stormwind near Westfall shore. There is this lighthouse cabin alone in an island that i always come back to. It has always been my favorite spot. I just describe it as a perfect little vacation spot just because it’s not too crowded, its near the shore, its actually not too far if you fly around to the city of Stormwind, farms are around too if you ever need food and supplies. I just describe it like a cute little Amerpriest vacation spot or some sort. I can come here anytime i want its perfect!

I also like the clear blue skies, i can fish all day long, i know it could be hunted too because of all the ghosts walking and wandering around it but its okay i just consider them my guardian angels they won’t harm you unless you harm them, but for me as a priest that is no surprise though I can just guide them to go to the light and they can rest in peace and pray for them. Anyway, I hope you like this screenshot as much as I do, it’s my favorite hangout place as well and it’s perfect. If you want to check out other’s screenshot challenge please visit Tycertank at Toonacious blog. and credits to World of Warcraft as well.


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2 Responses to #WoWscreenshotaday February 13 “Perfect”

  1. JD Kenada says:

    This is the Lighthouse along the Southwestern Coast of Westfall, right? I’ve always liked going there, and even questing with a few toons.


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