Alt toon, LFR, and Random musing…

WoWScrnShot_021314_225111So This week was full of adventures with my priest and rogue, raiding with random players in LFR and just about everything. So where do I start.. First I am so proud of myself to manage leveling my rogue to level 90 this week. I know I’ve been slacking off but it’s not the only thing i do, I went out with my brother and his family for they are in process of buying a house and I also want to spend time with my precious nieces that i love to death that’s why i haven’t been posting a lot in my blog for 3 days straight and that I was also trying to catch up with all the #WoWscreenshotaday challenge by Tycertank.

WoWScrnShot_021414_133557Despite the busy schedule, I was able to raid a few LFR on my spare time with my Priest, my experience so far was great. been also top healing overall via recount though my gears are not too good and not even above item level 500 but I’m working on it. Running around and trying to group with someone in Timeless Isle was kinda difficult for me, even if i try killing these creatures with my shadow spec its hard i don’t know, But we are talking about elites here not just normal creatures that’s why i still prefer going there with my priest in a group. Grimbane been kind enough to always party with me and help me out there he is a friend of mine from Staghelm server where my toons used to be at.

activity feedYesterday, My Rogue hit 90 i immediately try to sneak in and stealth to pick up some chest boxes in Timeless isle to acquire some great gears to help her out. I did got a couple of nice pieces, like gloves, chest, legs, neck piece etc. not too bad, just stealth, loot and vanish if ever someone aggro you. Also, did i mentioned that I hate PvP server? the only reason why i moved my toons in Magtheridon server was because i got accepted in top raiding guild when I was full time raiding before with my priest. Now that I just want to play casually and quest around Hordes just try to gank behind you its getting really annoying if you asked me No offense to horde players here and i know it could be same with the alliance towards them but can we just play peacefully? serriously!

chatwithjdAnyway, while I was leveling my rogue, JD Kenada was online so I chatted with him. it was very interesting conversation haha it just cracked me up. I took a screenshot of our conversation the highlights of the night and that I also been wanting to organize a raid group for bloggers around the community on there spare time maybe we can run it sometime over the weekend or whichever we prefer this is just an idea its not a final decision yet so me and JD was thinking about what should we name the group and come up with a few ideas but so funny when I decided that it’s going to be B.I.G (Bloggers in Game) and when i said that I explained why B.I.G because it stands for Bloggers in game, Big raids, big fun, big excitement, big boobies and big penises? LOL i was just laughing out loud. LOL its catchy i must say. It just made my day to be honest with you.

play-mkv-vob-on-galaxy-note-3And Lastly, I’ve been meaning to upgrade my phone for a while just thought to brag for little bit lol that I am so happy today that i received from fed-ex my Galaxy Note 3 phone I only paid $58 I just ordered it yesterday and only one day shipping was a surprise! I only paid $58 because signed up for a month to month payments with AT&T this new upgrade 12-18 months contract instead of 2year agreement and overall I will only be paying $77 per month with 5gb data plan compare to what i was using before Galaxy S3 and I was paying over $140 per month for 3gb data plan. So i treat myself a very good valentines package. Anyway, Hope my post today wasn’t too much but i really enjoy this week. Hope you have a very great weekend ahead of you. God Bless everyone and Take care! ❤


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