#WoWscreenshotaday February 12 “Out and About”


February 12 category is “Out and About” first i thought maybe i should just post somewhere an island with my priest and just enjoy the sun, but instead I went too far from that plan and i went to not a friendly zone with alliance you guessed it, Horde territory pretty much right in front of Ogrimmar City the orchish and hungry for blood bath hordes just waiting to strike you I was just flying around thought maybe i can sneak inside but nope while i was even just flying around someone hit me so i immediately back out and fly away of course what do you expect from a Red zone.

Anyway, nothing more to say here just went OUT of my friendly zone and ABOUT to get killed by the unfriendly zone. Get what i mean? LOL So for those who want’s to check out Tycertank screenshot challenge please refer to Toonacious Blog. and all credits to World of Warcraft as well. Have a blessed one!


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