#WoWscreenshotaday February 11 “Mistake”


February 11 category is “Mistake” most players in game play really hard, they always put there A game on especially when your raiding. A lot of expectations even just killing a rare your a level 90 character it’s your most geared toon in game and you think you can dps that ugly monster with all you’ve got but in the end all your health points is draining and end up in the graveyard as a ghost and dead your screen is all black and white. It was a mistake that maybe I used a different spell, it was a mistake that I didn’t move out of void zones, It was a mistake that nobody healed me other than myself, or it was a mistake that I just clearly didn’t pay attention.

Mistakes happens a lot even when your just questing, I took a screenshot of the Spirit Healer for this category and the background is white as a ghost when my priest died. It reflects the mistake I’ve done trying to get back to my body and realized i should have done this and that instead of the mistakes i did earlier. Anyway, It is for sure not to make any mistakes but like as a person in real world we commit mistakes every now and then we are not born perfect in this world but in order to get it right, just try to focused, rethink, reorganized, stay calm and think positive.

Hope you like the screenshot i took for this category “Mistake” if you want to check out other bloggers who joined this screenshot challenge please refer to Tycertank at Toonacious blog. and all credits to World of Warcraft as well. Thank you for coming by, God Bless everyone!


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