#WoWscreenshotaday February 10 “I am…”


Hi guys, this category for February 10 made it easy of course my main character is my sweet princess “I am a Priest” My main character is my healer, she is a human, she is funny, laughing out loud like nobody cares, she may look like an angel but she has a dark side too (I am talking about the shadow spec) her evil side can kick your butt, mind flaying you all the way, I can control your mind lol scary enough? Anyway, I took a screenshot days ago while she joined one of the LFR and after killing the last boss there’s this option to click and fly around with these beautiful gold wings.

So I decided why not try it? So i did. I was flying around and having fun that’s me if i want to play the game because it is my outlet of being too stressed out from reality sometimes playing the game makes me laugh, and enjoy every second of it. Sometimes i even admit that I don’t want to be bother once i sat down and play my game, good thing I can’t mind flay the people who bothers me haha! Anyway, I also describe my priest as a healer like my profession in real world I am a healthcare provider i assist residents to get them well and I think that characteristics really symbolizes my loyalty as a support character and like a real person.

Anyway, hope you like my screenshot for this category. If you want to check out other blogs who joined this screenshot challenge look over at Tycertank in Toonacious Blog. and all credits to World of Warcraft as well. Thanks guys Hope you have a blessed day!


About AmerGamer

A PC Gamer, Blogger, Healthcare Provider, A Friend you can chat with about anything.
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