Grrr! Some of my Past Achievements, Gone!


Hey guys, I just thought to share that I was really disappointed that my past achievements that i acquired even after Cataclysm expansion was gone, Loremaster quests especially was not easy and took a lot of time to even do most of the quests in one area back in the days and i did all that per level quest while i was still leveling up my main character which is my priest. But when I received the response from the Game Master, Im so saddened the fact that it was RESET! seriously!? after all that effort for acquiring the achievements, did all the quests and just a click of a button for them it RESET!? Omg! I have no words to reply, my ticket was still open. So here I enclosed the response that the GM sent to me yesterday.

It totally sucks, I still have my other achievements which was fine, I immediately noticed that my achievement score was lower than it supposed to be, I almost can’t accept it. Because why would i waste more time of going to old content doing quests instead of spending my time doing the new content just to achieve some points? I mean sure revisiting the old content is fine but questing? I mean I know what your thinking i shouldn’t complain too much because at Level 90 is easy peasy right? But come on! Grrr! just made me mad that’s all!

And the GM also said to herself that she has also been doing the Loremaster quests to finish it as well. Well they have all the time in the world to do such thing they are GM of course they can control it. But for someone like me, I have not much time to do all the quests just like that. I need to manage my time wisely as Im not alone going to a day job full time too. Anyway, enough ranting and disappointment I don’t want to ruin your day either. But Im just schocked that they can’t resolved it but at least credited it back to you, Instead you have to go through it again. Sigh!

Anyway, thanks again for dropping by reading, visiting, and commenting. Tell me your thoughts about it, have you went and done some of your Loremaster quests done again? did you just ignore it? What else did you do? I know at some point you were also disappointed that it got reset. It’s weird probably not all of us was in same situation but I appreciate any comments. Im afraid they might do this again in the future? I really don’t know hope not. Anyway, Please don’t forget to subscribe my latest updates, follow and like me on facebook and communicate with me over @amerpriest in twitter. Thank you! and Love you all!

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4 Responses to Grrr! Some of my Past Achievements, Gone!

  1. I was very disappointed when Cata hit because they did reset all of the “old” areas because they had revamped and added new content. I was at the very pinnacle of obtaining Loremaster with only two areas that I hadn’t completed yet. It was rather disheartening to see that all of those areas were reset and I was actually going to have to go through them all over again.

    However, having quite a few alts has helped considerably as well as the “shared” achievements. It does make it a bit easier that way. I still don’t have Loremaster although I will have it before they close the doors on the game – someday 😀


    • AmerPriest says:

      Heya, Thanks for dropping by. With the shared achievements definitely will be much easier for sure. Its just disappointing that I have to do it all over again. =( but oh well i guess something my alts can do by leveling another toon starting from the beginning quest zones. Thanks again for your views on this I appreciate it.


  2. mrandmrswow says:

    Being a Cata baby, I did Loremaster right before MoP came out, just after I hit level 90 on my first (main) toon. I can understand the frustration, but at least you can do different zones as you level up to help with the monotony!


    • AmerPriest says:

      @mrandmrswow Heya! Thanks for dropping by, yes its frustrating especially after you took a long break, and this happened. But oh well, per the GM said I had to do everything all over again. Well see since its shared achievements now. I guess having an alt will do it easier and by going through different zones. Thanks again for your comment and sharing your views, I appreciate it! =)


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