Timeless Isle: What an adventure!

WoWScrnShot_013014_130944Though you may think for those who just came back playing in game again will be hard to find gears at level 90? The answer is NO! In Timeless Isle just one of the places you can go to to get free loot though you need to watch out for those mob out there and elites all over the place. It’s also better to go with a group party or just a friend to make it easier to kill the mobs because it’s a congested area. Lucky for me, Grimbane a friend of mine who was in Staghelm server offer to help me out to get some upgrade gears since I was still wearing a crappy gears since I quit last year haha!

WoWScrnShot_013014_132928Anyway, He also knows all the treasure boxes where its located because he had run the place for so many times for his alts too and there’s some tricks you can get the quests done easily as well. I had so much fun just running the place with my friend. You know that feeling where you just got back playing after a year and don’t know where to start? I know I have few things in my mind what to do first but once you get a better gear and put up your item level higher for LFR to go to then your set and ready to raid again.

The Red Lake up north was one of the quest i got an achievement of, riding the bird all the way was fun, But the trick is not to kill the bird till 20-30% of his health till you reach the lake So the bird will drop you off when it dies. It was also fun killing all the rares.

achievementI also got some achievements done which im happy about it. But I noticed I was missing few achievements I already did back in Pre-BC and its gone, so its weird I opened a ticket and hopefully they will resolve the issue because if i didn’t do quests in specific area why would i have the exalted reputation? I don’t know so well see.

Here are the list of gears I’ve gotten so far for my priest and a few for my off-spec as well, I am still missing a few (Rings, Trinkets, Gloves, Belt, and Weapon) Trying to earn as much Tokens from Timeless Isle doing the weekly and daily quests there, and some Valor reputation in Pandaria.

  1. Amaranthine Robe of the Impatient
  2. Amaranthine Leggings of the Feverflare
  3. Amaranthine Wristwraps of the Wavecrest
  4. Amaranthine Sandals of the Wavecrest
  5. Amaranthine Necklace of the Fireflash
  6. Amaranthine Cloak of the Pious
  7. Amaranthine Shoulderpads of the Savant
  8. Amaranthine Cowl of the Pious

WoWScrnShot_013014_160705So far, It was really a productive day and I did really good for few 3 hours in Timeless Isle with my friend Grimbane. I also gotten some plate helm, leather robe, and a chest mail. I could use it for my alts since all items in Timeless Isle are Bind on Account items but my alt toons are not level 90 just yet. Anyway, Here is my priests new wardrobe. I really like it! and I can’t thank enough to my friend who helped me a lot the other day. =)

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2 Responses to Timeless Isle: What an adventure!

  1. JD Kenada says:

    Timeless Loot is definitely a fun place! As a Priest, it’s most certainly more fun with a friend. Well, if you’re a healing Priest it sure is. Switching over to my Pally I can take care of myself a bit better. My favourite part? The TRIVIA daily!


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