Will my Priest like to revamp her face & body features?

0EHLVXB25UL61390012194276To answer the question of my title above, I would say Yes! My Priest is a human in game she has always been. I appreciate any changes Blizzard made this year, its actually about time that they did some improvements like this they actually call this process “spiritual update” to revamp models of current art content that exists in game. They even had to start from scratch from base model, to skin tone variations and customization options (i.e scars, wrinkles, moles, earrings etc.)

5HB79A6AP1KI1389918758830Well we saw the female models revamp for Humans, I’m curious for what male would look like which I’m also excited! I bet it will look handsome. Not only humans but other characters in game as well especially the cute gnomes, elves, the taurens and undead. How about you? I know I’m also curious what will Blizzard offer for us in the future updates. For more information about this changes click here.

Photos here are courtesy of World of Warcraft. And I also agree with JD Kenada that “he appreciated WoW’s laid back cartoonish feel with the updates”. Blizzard remain unique that they made the improvements likely to remain that effects it may not be 3D like other MMORPG character customization (i.e Aion, Rift) but still overall I really like where this is going. Thank you Blizzard!

Anyway, Thanks for dropping by.. share your views on what you think about the changes? Any suggestions? I think Blizzard made a really good move about it and I can’t wait what they will do with other characters in game. Please don’t forget to follow my blog, subscribe, like my facebook page and follow me @amerpriest in twitter. Thank you again for dropping by, reading or just visiting. God Bless and I love you all!

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4 Responses to Will my Priest like to revamp her face & body features?

  1. JD Kenada says:

    You know my thoughts on the lady model well enough, but I had to say how great the site looks. 🙂


    • AmerPriest says:

      @JD Thanks for dropping by, Yes I do know your views on the new model looks…and yes I love the theme of this site. Its just one of the default template from wordpress and its free. I just had to add the widgets myself. like the icons for links on my sidebar, but overall yes I do like how the site turns out. Thanks hon! =)


  2. I really love the new models I’ve seen, can’t wait to see Night Elves and those Human Males!

    I too hope they retain their cartoony feel as the realism of some of the other games I’ve played was a little creepy to me.


    • AmerPriest says:

      @Ancient Heya hon, Thanks for dropping by Yes! having the revamp models to retain there cartoony feel was a good move what Blizzard did Kudos to them. the other games just fits to the environment that the that they made the character customization more like 3d effects.

      But in World of Warcraft I still love the cartoony feel and the environment is not overwhelmed with “real like” feel.


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