Where I hang out my Priest in game

Hi guys, As I was digging through some of my old screenshot folders i found one that i really like. It was actually where I usually standby my character when I am afk in a small island by a lighthouse in Westfall. I just love the scenery, the small stairs where you can sit and water surrounding the island. So ill ask same for you guys where do you hang out your character most of the time when your afk? Im sure some maybe flying around Azeroth on top of the mountain where I also do that sometimes.


World of Warcraft sure has a lot of places where we can pretty much hang out anytime at. Besides afking in raids and a mob aggro’ed you be fun sometimes haha, but sometimes dying it irritates me. Anyway, I just thought i shared this screenshot i took long time ago. I really do miss playing my characters in game, as I recall i quit a year ago i think. If anyone can help me out how to figure out how to download my game client without having any errors for Windows 8. I did everything i could already, I searched though internet how to avoid the errors and try to fix it… from blizzard faqs and troubleshooting i did everything but still it doesnt allow me to download, I also try configuring my windows firewall still not working.

Im a sad panda, even I wanted to play Diablo III and Starcraft its same thing it doesn’t want me to play. it is a sign? that i should not play anymore? Noooo!!!! Anyway, for any computer expert out there maybe you can help me out here? Anyway, Have a great day everyone! I am really trying to catch up with my blogging as well. Thanks again for the follows, subscriptions, links, comments, even just for those who drop by who reads my posts. God Bless everyone and take care always, Love ya!


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2 Responses to Where I hang out my Priest in game

  1. AmerPriest says:

    Trying to download the game now, Hopefully it will be okay in the end of the day.. it will take a while but im free all day! >.< wish me luck! lol


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