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Hi guys, I totally forgot about this blog that I created back in December of 2011… I’ve been meaning to focus this blog for my priest but now since I am really having trouble trying to work my blogger site for commentary the system just doesn’t seem to work for wordpress bloggers to comment at all unless they use the Name/URL system. Anyway, Im glad I still have this site. I am currently planning to move most of my random thoughts of topics here about the game and related to. And my blogger site will just mainly focus on community events since I did separate them both already. My blogger site is mainly an outlet for Blog azeroth shared topic ideas, other events and announcements.

So for all of my visitors, and readers please if you can do me a favor I also would like you guys to add this blog site in your blogroll as my main blog from now on. I really appreciate any feedback from you guys. I will also try to post mainly every Wednesdays and Saturdays when I can. Despite the fact I don’t play the game anymore but I am really thinking of coming back sometime this year depends how busy I am with work and other stuff. Just right now I am having trouble trying to download my game client, it could be because of all the expansion and updates in game. But I will also try to purchase a gaming laptop that Im trying to save up so well see. Thank you so much again for the support! I love you guys.


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A PC Gamer, Blogger, Healthcare Provider, A Friend you can chat with about anything.
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