Achievement Earned: The Destroyer’s End

Hello Everyone! Last Tue December 6, 2011 released the new dungeon for 4.3 Patch. My guild Simplicity in Magtheridon server, cleared Dragon Soul to 8/8 bosses in 25 man Normal mode and I am so proud to announce that we really did a good job in just one week time. Next week we will be attempting some heroic modes and progress more. I am excited about that the mechanics of the fight seems to be easy enough but as a healer in some encounters we have specific role to do. So heads up to the healers out there don’t just depend that your a healer and you can just heal through everything but try to read and  research more about the boss, try to theory craft as well I am sure it will help you and the guild in a long run. Congratulations Simplicity! I really enjoyed raiding with you guys! Everyone really deserved to get the title “The Destroyer’s End”! =)


I feel so great to be part of such great guild and to be able to raid with such great players all around, I may have only been here for 3 weeks but everyone is so kind, from all the dungeon runs and dragon soul cleared. I was able to also upgrade my gears pretty fast look at my current gear here. Looking for Raid feature since the patch released is a great tool for everyone who still needs gears outside your raiding schedule because you can run an instance anytime, you can do this because it has a separate lock id. Anyway, I will keep you updated about our attempts on heroic mode hopefully it will run smoothly, wish us luck! Thanks guys for reading this post! and you Have a good one! =)


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7 Responses to Achievement Earned: The Destroyer’s End

  1. Draccus says:

    Congratulations on slaying Deathwing with the new guild. Having good people to run with consistently is a treasure and key component to a progressive team. Something I look forward to getting to experience in the future. Since I am not near enough to down Deathwing while it is current or the latest content, I cheated and watched the cinematic on MMO-champ; however, I do plan on sending in both my Druid and Paladin as soon as they are able.

    BTW, love the new site layout. Very clean image and bright colors. The main body of text is a little hard to read on the font though. What are you using?

    Looking forward to more. Nice Armory gear link, seems someone is decked out for the holidays nicely.


    • AmerPriest says:

      Thanks hon, Yea if you ever want to raid full time we can definitely use a druid, we don’t have a feral nor a moonkin in the guild would be nice to have you along and raid with us. It’s just a matter of finding yourself some gears but that shouldn’t be hard if you need help. Yea killing Deathwing was pretty fun.

      And about the font layout I can actually change it, I paid freaking $30.00 for this and I am still twinking ahaha! Anyway, I will look for better font so my readers don’t get blind to read my posts. Thanks Drac glad you like the layout of this new site, I loved it too! =) you take care!


    • AmerPriest says:

      Updated the Body font text of my blog, I think this font rocks! =)


  2. Syrco says:

    Grats 🙂 Nice screenshot!


    • AmerPriest says:

      Thanks hon! I actually have more of them, but i guess the guild wants a screen shot to simplify the theme and the guild name simplicity. But it’s okay I can always share them here anytime. =)


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