From a Previous Guild to a Current Guild

A Friend of mine Tahlmora whispered me via RealID 3 weeks ago, she asked me if I am still raiding, I answered her “sort of” meaning the previous guild I was with was only casually raiding and some weeks we don’t raid at all due to lack of raiders not online, after a month off from gaming and blogging, I realized I really missed raiding with 25 man environment. I only raided Firelands content with my previous guild Vagrants on 10 mans and did not kill Ragnaros at all, I only attempted it many times but never really been in a successful run.

Part of the frustration too I have to catch up with the gear content, My priest was not geared enough to pull much damage when I was still a shadow main spec before my server transfer to Magtheridon. But when Tahlmora told me that they are recruiting and desperately in need for a Holy/Disc Priest for 25 man and there progression was 6/7 Heroic Firelands. I didn’t think twice and wanted to join.

But I hate to leave guilds (Do you hate it too?) because my previous guild was so nice to me too and I really had fun raiding with them as well despite our ups and downs. Also the same week I had to borrow 4 Living Embers just to craft my boots, and the embers was selling 2k at that time. I was just waiting what my previous guild Vagrants decision and what their plans will be since there is no guarantee that when the players will log on again. So the guild decides officially announced that Vagrants will not raid anymore until the new expansion comes out.

So I talked to my guild master about wanting to raid more and it was a great time to tell her that I was invited over to a new server from a friend of mine and told her that there is an opportunity waiting for me to raid again in a 25 man raiding environment on current progression. So after one week, I prepared and moved over all my main toon. But since I owe them 4 Living Embers I had to repay them, but the Guild master told me not to replace it and just have fun to my new guild. I don’t want them to say anything and avoid any drama, So I decide to buy the embers after farming and dailies and put it in the guild bank.

A week after I was welcomed to the new guild Simplicity in Magtheridon server. I was happy to be reunited with my Priest friend Tahlmora who I was raiding with on my previous guild in Mok’nathal Resurrection guild. My initial reactions was the very warm welcome from everyone and Tahl did mention to me that the guild is very nice and I will really enjoy my stay here.

Since I joined  3weeks ago, raiding with Simplicity really simplifies the fun and how easy it is to raid 25 man again. Besides Tahlmora I also started to hang out with great players namely Kilik, Goochz, Agro, Jessani, Lyricals, Blankz and other members of the guild. Since 4.3 patch released I immediately run the new heroic to get some new upgraded gears item level 378.  So far I really enjoy my stay here in the new found guild. After so much things going on with my personal problems in life, This was a great time to have fun, raid new end game content and started a new blog.

I also like to thank all the great bloggers in the community who really inspired and encourage me to do whats right and do what I can to move on. How about you, How is your guild doing now a days? Have you cleared the new content yet? There are lots of new features added to the game now and I think raiding wise is no problem even if you don’t have a guild to raid with and it will still be a fun run. So my next topic of the post are some great screen shots I like to share about my experience with Simplicity in Dragon Soul Instance. Have a great day guys! ❤


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